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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



The joke of all of this is that Bron will now be a back bencher where she can continue on her spending spree without any of the scrutiny .

Well Tman. If what you say is correct, the Labor Machinery got a scalp. Now what are the LNP going to do. The public want a PM with grit. Let's see our PM's reaction..

The sharks came back and got her. Champagne Bronnie is gone. Wonder how this stint as speaker affected her retiring entitlement if and when she goes. Helicopter rides galore in retirement......NOT !

Bron voyage!

OK. SUCH F.G HYPROCISY !! NOW! Let we Tax payer INSIST the Dominos fall on ALL THE OTHER pollies who have ripped off the True Blu Ozzie Tax Payer. Piss that p....k Burke off for one!! lets go get Rudd, Gillard, Carr, Beattie, Shorten, the Unions , Thompso et el, and ALL the other thieves .

She's Goooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne .

It is time for Bronwyn to go. Also Burke and his huge dipping into the our purse.

It's voters trying to take her entitlements away because they can't afford her upkeep. $5,200 for a helicopter ride to and back from M to Geelong and $6,000 for a luxury jet to fly 150k. Time to go...Bronnie.

You'd think Bronwyn would have learnt from the Slipper saga, but she has always been a slow learner.

Born in Sydney as Bronwyn Kathleen Setright, Bronwyn Bishop undertook a five-year LLB program at the University of Sydney.However, she was deemed ineligible to continue after failing a number of subjects multiple times. Bishop failed a total of 11 subjects over six years. In her first year in 1960, she failed all four core subjects. In 1964, she failed four subjects again, and repeated them in 1965, in which she failed three again. The policy of the University of Sydney at the time was that a student was required to show cause why a student should be allowed to repeat a subject for a third time, and Bishop was deemed ineligible to continue.

Deceit is as easy as ABC for newsreader Juanita Phillips’ taxpayer-funded European jaunt

PANICKED ABC management - believed star newsreader Juanita Phillips left them in a
“tricky” position after blindsiding them over her controversial $72,000 taxpayer-funded
European first class trip with Labor lover Greg Combet.

Emails reveal the $320,000-a-year star only told her superiors about the 10-day climate
change ministerial trip with Mr Combet, who held the portfolio at the time, through France, Germany and Belgium last year upon her return and after it was raised with the Gillard

But ABC head of editorial policy Alan Sunderland instead planned to tell the public the
ABC 24 host and Sydney news anchor had “always been upfront and clear” with the ABC
about the romance. The pair began dating in 2012.

“It’s a little tricky, because we are being specifically asked if we were aware of the trip in
advance,” Mr Sunderland wrote in one email.

The ABC attempted to downplay the lack of prior knowledge of the trip, saying Ms Phillips
did not have to seek permission, that it was later found to be within ABC guidelines anyway
and that the broadcaster had always provided a “high degree of transparency” dealing with
the issue.

“However, the ABC also understood and correctly predicted that some media organisations
would ignore the fact her actions did not breach any guidelines,” a spokesman said.

Six months after ABC chiefs plotted how to handle the romance’s conflict-of-interest concerns,
it was revealed the 10-day trip racked up $57,673 on airfares, $8914 on hotels and meals and
$4634 on ground transport for Mr Combet to attend meetings and a climate conference.

Ms Phillips wrote to Mr Sunderland and NSW news editor Donald Lange about the trip on
April 16 last year after the government was contacted by The Daily Telegraph.

She told them that the office of then prime minister Julia Gillard’s office had gone “over the
trip with a fine toothcomb” to ensure it was within guidelines.

“Just alerting you to another spotfire,” Ms Phillips wrote.

“There’s no suggestion of anything inappropriate — presumably it will just be the usual
beat-up about politicians’ overseas trips ... hopefully it will blow over in a day”.

But the post-trip briefing triggered a flurry of emails when questions arose about the ABC’s
knowledge of the trip.

Mr Sunderland initially suggested a response including lines such as “we are aware of the
situation” and that “Juanita has always been upfront and clear about her relationship with the

ABC media staffer Sally Cray emailed the paper with a final response including the line:
“Ms Phillips has informed the ABC that she was on annual leave at the time and travelling in
a personal capacity.”

Ms Cray also told Mr Sunderland, Mr Lange and ABC news director Kate Torney: “I would
have spoken to (the paper) but was not keen on facing the did you know question.”

ABC critic Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi said the ABC had appeared to try and avoid
confessing to the error. “It would seem to me only appropriate that if a journalist were
travelling with a politician at taxpayer’s expense, their employer should be made aware
prior to the event,’ he said.

(TLS) - Julia (Gillard) jets off to a VIP wedding

FRESH from being returned in a farcical leadership spill, Julia Gillard yesterday flew to northern NSW on a taxpayer funded VIP jet for a staffer's wedding and several low key announcements.

Ms Gillard, along with Treasurer Wayne Swan and Finance Minister Penny Wong, will today attend the Byron Bay wedding of her press secretary Laura Anderson and Mr Swan's chief-of-staff Jim Chalmers.

Her office confirmed the PM flew to northern NSW on a RAAF VIP Challenger aircraft.

MPs are only entitled to use the RAAF special purpose flights for "commitments associated with their official responsibilities and other purposes including parliamentary business".

They cannot be used by any member of parliament for purely personal business, Ms Gillard's spokesman said. He said Ms Gillard's attendance at the wedding was sandwiched between official duties scheduled for the weekend in northern NSW, Melbourne and Sydney.

Mr Swan made his own way to the wedding and did not use a VIP jet. Yesterday, Ms Gillard and local MP Justine Elliot - a Kevin Rudd loyalist - held a press conference at Titenbar at the side of a new stage of the Pacific Highway duplication, which started in October and is not due to be completed until the end of next year. The federal government contributed $560 million to the 17km upgrade.

Ms Gillard was asked how long she had been planning her visit.

"I've been talking to Justine for quite some time about coming up locally. So it fitted into the program and we wanted to get it done," she said.

Ms Gillard was asked about campaigning with a known Rudd supporter in Ms Elliot.

"Justine is a great Labor member, a great local representative of these communities in the parliament and I've always enjoyed travelling here and spending time with Justine," she said.

Why didn't you put the burka on the Burke shark?

Liebor Sharks no match for Bronny.

Senior Labor figures, including Bill Shorten, Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Penny Wong and Nicola Roxon, have claimed $13,600 in taxpayer-funded travel to address party fundraisers in Bathurst.

The single largest claimant was Mr Swan, who as treasurer chartered a $7981 return flight from his Brisbane electorate to the country town, 200km west of Sydney, in September 2009.

Mr Shorten, Mr Swan and Senator Wong all claimed addressing the annual Light On The Hill Dinner, which honours former prime minister Ben Chifley, constituted “official business” as frontbenchers and was therefore within entitlements.

Mr Shorten claimed $1357 as employment minister in 2012, comprising $663 in flights to Sydney, $354 travelling allowance and $340 for a rental car.

His spokesman said: “It’s a public lecture and within the guidelines. He caught a flight to Sydney and hired a hire car and drove the three hours over the mountains to Bathurst. No helicopter was considered."…

Senator Wong’s office ... “Senator Wong’s accompanying staff member drove her to Bathurst from Sydney. No helicopter travel was involved,” a spokeswoman said.

LABOR’S Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has been forced to repay more than $1000 in taxpayer-funded business-class flights he claimed for his family during school holidays.

The Sydney Labor MP, who was immigration minister at the time, had spent so much of his family reunion entitlements in 2012 that he exceeded the cap set by Finance…

(I)n 2012 Mr Bowen was asked by the department to repay $1191 in flights he had wrongly claimed for his family to fly to Brisbane during the 2012 summer school break.

Between 2011 and 2012, the Gillard government minister had racked up $16,000 in expenses on his family. When the Finance Department was alerted to the excessive expenditure, it wrote to Mr Bowen asking him to repay the overspent amount…

Fellow Sydney MP and leader of Opposition business Tony Burke has similarly been forced to pay back money he admitted had incorrectly claimed for family travel. Finance records show Mr Bowen took his family on ­vacation from January 13 to 16 in the 2012 school holidays, flying them business class to Brisbane at a cost of $3573. He also claimed a travel allowance of $800 for the period. He also took them to Darwin from July 4 to 8 during school holidays of 2012 at a total cost of $6226.

that denture work! all taxpayer-funded.

Bill Shorten does have white pointers (under the bra).

Wonder whether or not the sharks have spotted MH370 in their travels ?

Another brilliant cartoon. Love the battered, toothless sharks giving up.

Sometimes one doesn't see the value of other's money. What a star she is becoming, very much another Adam Goodes of her own making.

I had to get my head around this cartoon because it did not at first work for me but after a couple of drinks, the penny dropped. Those Sharks were trying to take away her entitlements. Got it !