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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



How can people vote for these clowns?it never ceases to amaze me.

All sounds like a slight of hand, complete with a lot of BS.

Through preferences the Greens control Labor. That is why Labor's scam unions fund both Labor and Greens election campaigns.

Absolute Rubbish! BS and the Labor Party are using the concept of unions to lie to the people. Real unions look after workers. Labor's unions do not look after workers. They intimidate workers, blackmail employers, do underhand deals for political purposes. Workers need unions, they don't need Labor's Mafia standover hitmen extortionists pretending to be unions for the workers. Wake up! Labor's unions are not true to workers, only to themselves and Labor.

You have to wonder about the ALP and other political parties. They try to push their policies down our throats as opposed to seeing what the majority want and forming their policy around that and when getting into government, sticking with it. Of course we do have a welfare mentality and any thinking person would realize you cannot keep robbing the workers to pay the bludgers. The majority do not want hoards of asylum seekers heading for our shores, nor do we want to pay any form of ETS or other carbon tax, especially when it makes no difference to the climate. Why cant the ALP see this?

The firms hired by the LNP for there advertising should be sitting back watching all this alp conference crap, there always one theme that comes through and through. The ALP is run by crooks for the crooks by the crooks!

The ALP is in free fall on a bungee cord just long enough in time for the next election .

Great stuff Paul.

Sorry: below should be NO Intention.

Might be a light bulb moment for Bull Shitten, hence Albo's confusion on Chn9. Policy on the run, Government via Door stop press conference. Didn't we get enough of that under Rudd/ Gillard/ Rudd, with their ministers having to play catch up? If this is an example of how they intend running things, shows they have learnt nothing! At any rate they have intention of turning back boats, only if it means turning those heading for Indonesia. The left run Labor, you can guarantee that the Navy will be turned into yellow cab water taxi service to convey these fucks safely from Indonesia to Australia, straight onto our dole ques. Heck they may even appoint Sarah Hanson Young as the Immigration Minister. Can't be done? Have a look at the ACT legislative council. A Green is a minister.

there it be no carbon tax under a GOVERNMENT I hope to lead one day , and I have hopes of winning lotto one day

Don't be too hard on the poor bloody Rapist! For the first time he has a good policy.


Love it Paul, but remember Bill has options!!

Bill seems to be clutching his balls for security.

What a shame Willy Dick's mother never had an abortion 48 years ago.

I am certain that Albo knew nothing of the change in Policy there are more bodies to be found in the ALP closet I believe! Shorten has become addicted to political deaths at his hands! he is a serial killer of his colleagues!

I don't think it's safe to do so!

Lovely Paul. Bill looks like he needs a nappy change.

Loved watching Albo this morning having a squirm in his interview on channel 9 .. Shorten seems to be loading the left field and keeping everybody else guessing ... Another confusing policy coming from the policy free zone of the Labor Party.