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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Can anyone recall the original plan for the GST? I was under the impression that it's introduction was suppose to see off all other taxes, including income tax? Remember the Joh for PM campaign? He wanted to introduce a flat 25% tax rate.

time to finish State Govts, useless bloodsucking leeches. They are not needed and all they achieve is more red tape and destruction of productivity.

Hmmm, looks like the entry to the skull cave, but where's Guran.

They have over spent and want to spend more the Bastards. They love to roll in other peoples money.

There are two ways to reduce the debt - cut spending or increase revenue (taxes). Start by showing that the pollies are serious about it -reduce the number of politicians and their staff by 50%, ban all international travel except for Ministers and then limit them to one staff member. Limit domestic travel to twice a month with one staff member only.

You need to read this from my first post three posts down . and read up in reverse. Only way I know how to post it all.

Better future for you and the country. They lied to you, and are still doing so. So now it's up to you . A few people rallied over the last weekend , and they were pulverised by their opponents once again. And no, I am not here to blow their trumpet at all. But when I saw the human garbage that opposed them , and saw the hidden support for the human garbage, I knew then which ideal I prefer. Up to you Australia, You just have to decide what sort of country you want . One that thrives with effort and dedication by everyone, or one that wallows in a hole while the few at the top take the cream and live the high life, while the rest of you have nothing. Your choice.

And fought for. And Fourthly, get off your arse and support someone who will lead you through this process, instead of sitting there lapping up the good life waiting for someone else to fix the problem. Remember , it is your country, the politicians work for you, not the other way around, as they believe they do. The country is only in the state it is because you let it get that way, with the help of a lot of deceiving, lying, cunning, smartarses who have conned you in to believing they were working for you. You can take your country back. But you can only do it if you are united in the idea. And find good people who will lead you along the way. They are out there, they have just been pushed out of the way by people who have cunningly deceived you in to believing they were working for a

Ok , you want to fix your country? Start by tossing this bunch of freeloaders out. Freeloaders are nothing but a drain on the country. Always have been, always will be. Close the parliament, and start anew. Scrap all the perks these bums are getting, and you might jusy get people in there who want to do something for the country. Second, take a risk, and do as Iceland has done, and throw out the bankers, and open your own bank. These people are just leeches sucking every ounce of blood they can out of the country, and will not stop until there is nothing left for them to take. Third, throw out the welfare bums who only come here to live off your hard earned taxes, and will continue to do so till they have sucked everything they can off you, and taken away evetything your forefathers worke

The executions in Bali was the catalyst for anger re the millions in aid to Indonesia.
This GST proposed hike will do the same.
Why does the Australian tax payer have to carry the health care for every half bred reffo on the face of the earth?

Make the Health Funds pay more instead of sports ground naming rights, and sponsorships which they are paying each year, then claim great increases in health costs.

Have they considered that taxing Multinational profits in Australia might be a better more palatable fairer option?

Churchill said it, a country that tries to tax itself out of debt is like a man standing in a bucket trying to pick himself up with the handle. The way out is to cut spending. End the welfare state, implement work schemes to have every able bodied person in gainful employment. Remove single parent pensions by putting the children in care while the mother works, the carers could be people getting off the dole too. Any welfare should be provided only through a card to purchase set items (basic necessities). The only welfare that should be paid in cash should be the aged pension (and that should be limited to only those who have worked or had a spouse that worked). We cant afford the ludicrous welfare bill anymore, we have to pay off debt.

Larry. If the greenery is supposed to be Triffids, where are the 'whips' and the roots that walk?

We should reduce their salaries by 50% and see if they understand what 50% means..

TWENTYTWENTY I wonder if you will even make 80, and if you do??????? I am 82 next month and bench-press 90k three times a week at the gym; can you?

That a five percent increase will hit the lowest incomes the hardest.....Does you local polly care a damn......not one bit, too busy worrying how much they might lose by following expence guidlines

They should all be concentrating on paying off rudd/gillard debt. This will save $12 billion a year in interest paid to foreigners that could be used to finance health.

It amazes me that these bastards just want to always take the easy way out.....
Yep ....just up the GST to 15 % and it will fix all our problems...what fucking bullshit...
It dose not tackle the greatest threat to our on going prosperity as a nation......
Threat you say?? yes threat.....This country has become far too welfare dependant for our own good and is eroding our national backbone..

Health budgets are stretched they say. A good start would be to stop treating people over 80 years old who are on their last legs and stand to gain an extra 6 months of life if they have the surgery.