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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Pretty low to be raining on a carbon tax. Carbon pollution is coming for us all, well no, you long tooths may be out of here, but it is looking ugly for our children and grandkids. I welcome a cost to pollution so that we may not roast.

Pauline a lone voice in the wilderness.. she hit it right on the nail.. the mussie influence has tentacles in all Govt departments that matter to them ie: Immigration, Centrelink, Customs, Judiciary, Politicians and MSM and ALBC its like King Canute trying to hold the tide back

I think Greens senator Lee Rhiannon emails anti Abbott garbage to her mates in Russia and they copy and past to blog sites. Can't be traced to Aus. politicians. They do it all over the world. Comments in Daily Mail say the same happens there. They've been extra busy today.

What is a conflict of interest anyway ? What is "wearing 2 hats ?"

I see Bull Shitton criticizes that cow Bishop about her expenses, when the hypocrite pig himself has racked up $390,000 in travel expenses over the last 6 months. It is time we the tax payer revolted against this largesse from our stinking greedy trough sucking pig faced polititions.

Myxomatosis has struck again on the main news item.

See him sweating those 2 days at the RC with Bob Kernohan watching him from the visitors area?

Regardless of which Government we pay carbon taxes, the Liberals have abatement and green army. It may not be extra out of our pocket but it diverts billions from more pressing issues, like paying down the debt. Wake-up fellow sheeple.

..."I don't know what she said, but I agree with it"...

So, what you're saying is 'you know nuffin". So, how did you get to be in a job when you know nuffin? Evidently Labor appoints leaders who know nuffin. That helps explain why they have nuffin policies and supporters who know nuffin. So the ABC which supports Labor know nuffin also. Thank God that's now all clear for us who happen to know more than nuffin. Phew.

The 40% gullible bogans will believe it!

Could be - but note the bra.

Has Bill had his teeth capped? I know I'd like to smash them in!

Carbon price = a tax. It's a tax on a clear, odourless, essential gas in our atmosphere that is intrinsic to the life of every living thing on earth - plants, humans, other animals, fish and fowl. It is total nonsense that carbon dioxide has been made into an evil monster when at higher levels it doubles food production. It is also the build-up of CO2 in our blood that triggers us to breathe! Perhaps all Greens and Lefties could do,us a favour and hold their breath until they expire.

I get the impression that the ALP want to remain in opposition after the next election.

Love the cleavage.

Billy unplugged would hardly be noticed as when he does speak he has the same effect Lardarse had, the race to hit the mute button.

BS looks more raggedy and big-headed and less haired with each cartoon.

Bill's got that wrong.

"There WILL be a Carbon Tax under the Government I lead".

Love the forehead and the boobs. Good work Larry.

I know nuffing, I can't wemember. I agwee with what ever it was she said.