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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Paul well done. Insiders gave it a run. Great work.

I reckon the other RC investigate child abuse at the hands of politicians during election campaigns where we see in the media where pollies kiss and fondle infants in photo opportunities which proves their guilt that they are of a devious nature that they will use child labour to further their political future at any ones cost.

Water (er SHIT) off a Ducks Back?

If one of US non union members did what Shortarse has done we would be in the Dock or in Gail. Hope his world falls apart.Well done Paul.

Very good Paul.

Cleanevent.... Cleanevent... Sounds familiar. Doesn't that organisation shovel shit after some event or other? Maybe they are having a big joke at Bill's expense. Or maybe they found him in one of the cans. Or maybe they know shit when they see it.

All Wild Bill has to do is to win the next election and declare the results corrupted and the cycle starts all over again , I reckon we could see 3 RC's into this subject all monies paid to the Royal legal mob who's industry members were the ones responsible for making the union shit legal that they try to keep out of the public eye which in itself makes them complicit in the ALP crime wave..

That's the ALP for you!

He looks like Mr Sheen after a hard day.

teflon bill

Wonder what input into the RC Rudd has had? Payback?

Another bewdy! Thanks Paul

I congratulate you for the way you are able to present the irony in this man's perception of himself. Thankyou, Paul.

Brilliant . . . love it!

Ha ha. Lovely Paul.


Abbott's so called witchhunt is uncovering the unscrupulous deals the unions are using to prop up the ALP at the expense of the workers they're claiming to help.

Combet will be outside to wash him off....

Might be covered in shit but will still come out smelling roses!