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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



The unnatural pairing of same sexes is in direct conflict with nature and regardless of any laws or decisions made by humans it is impossible to over-rule the law of nature. The advocates for same sex marriage claim our opposition is discrimination. Well nature has already "discriminated" by creating the two different sexes. Live with it!

The day that I see two male hump back whales bum fucking, is the day I'll leave the human bum fuckers alone.

Paul, perhaps you could adapt the cartoon as Abbott being present at his sister's union with her girlfriend . .

what colour do you think the adopted son of these two will wear? and what thought processes about kissing other boys and snuggling up to his male friends while watching TV and generally being different from heterosexually raised children? Great civilizations have collapsed because of stupidity and ours is on the fast train to obliteration... It is not the Asian century we are in but the soon to be Asian world because they won't tolerate this crap...

The call to legalise polygamy has, or should have, a better chance of success than sane sex equality. With polygamy the law of nature is intact as sex us between men and women which is not the case with two female box biters, two male cocksuckers or bum bandits. The latter are sicko's and their actions are not normal and should not be encouraged even though there are plenty of them out there. They belong back in the wardrobe where they were before finding the courage to come out and not go gallivanting around trying to force their affliction onto the rest of us.

I wonder if a similar debate to what we're seeing here today occurred in those two cities we (well, some of us) read about in the Old Testament? What were their names? - Sodom and Gommorah.

Where did he get that population figure of 8.4 million from?

It's indisputable that our species consists of a male and female strain to make a pair. All other pairings are aberrations of nature. They can't reproduce and perpetuate the species, so marriage between same sexes is an empty gesture and only desirable to the parties involved as they feel it will somehow legitimize their union. It can't, even if the law of man goes against the laws of nature . Nature is the higher law.

Brilliant one Paul

Good on ya Tony

It's the new Global Warming ... To quote the bible (Gaydeon Version) before the freckle punchers do: "Get thee behind me Thatan - and puthsh, harder - pleeeeth, puthsch muttch harder"

Designated Australian representative.

Tony has my support too. Well done!

Tony speaks for the majority of Australians.

Tony Abbott has my support. Yes it's always trotted out with this gay marriage bullshit as a diversion when Shorten's in trouble. It wont work, not all voters are stupid or poofters or dykes.

I second that.

I do also

Closet Tony? Maybe.

seeing we have separation of powers , Abbott's vote should not be counted .

Myself I can't see gay marriage ever getting into law but if it does we want our marriage certificate stamped and certified "Pre Poofter Marriage Act".