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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



How can Shortone be tried for rape with that? Surely the evidence wouldn't stand up in court. Poor little fella.

He was doing what Labor does best, lie! Anything it takes, as per the Richo mantra. " I am an economic conservative" " there will be no carbon tax under a Government I lead" etc, etc, etc, etc! Need we go on?

He knows no other way

lol turtle head Bowen.

Billy the Liar looks perfect for labor PM material & an even better Opposition leader.

Bowen the tortoise... should have been a skunk...

Am I correct in noticing that shortON;s tag is a BRA?

Is there any Labour Prime Minister who has done real good for ALL Australia and not left a economic mess behind and also embarrassed the labour party and all the Aussie workers who thought these blokes/ sheilas would LOOK after them?

Pity for his wife and Mother in Law?!

Tell a thousand truths and one lie and the world will remember the one lie!

How many times have politicians lied to us ? Ex PM honest Johnny Howard is a prime example of dishonesty and misinformation that he carried through office .

Lair, rapist, thief -- he will definitely make a perfect PM for Australia. WHat a fucking joke

I wouldn't, but look at me........

Looks like Bill is practising coming clean before his appearance before the RC.

so if the rooting rorter said he lied then that must apply to his answer on the ALLEDGED rape of that teenage girl ,in 1986 ???

Of course, the beauty is that he can't removed as leader of the opposition. So, they are now leaderless - and the person sitting in the big chair has really demonstrated once and for all that he can't be trusted. TA and other can go at him as much as they wish - provided of course they don't suddenly suffer from "foot in mouth disease", which TA sometimes catches.

Hope he has better memory when he faces the TURC.

Gorgeous - and posts on the site are also gorgeous - Shorten is a Dead Duck

Is that Wee Willies Wee Willie?

A headline to grab the attention of every Australian—Showbag Shorten tells the truth!

Will be easy pickings in Question Time.How long before it gets brought up in reply."Are we telling the truth this time? how do we know?He has been caught out in his true colours. Karma is on the way Short-on, I was surprised it took this long. You make a Sterling Opposition Leader, I hope your career can end on that note.