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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Is she trying to re spell the pardy, LABIA Pardy

A Polish guy was at the RTA doing his licence eye test. "Read the second last line." It read CZYZCK. "Read it?" I know him! He's a friend of mine!"

She is certainly two faced. Having pulled investment funding from the Galilee rail project, she proclaimed tonight that she would be ploughing Qld tax funds into high risk medical research. Excuse me. Under what mandate are you doing this? Talk about shafting the average blue collar worker right up the coit.

A spoonful of sugar makes the ships run aground, the guvment run aground, the labs run aground ...It don't matter about growing food in these fertile regions - we can drink alcohol, become blinded and starve to death ....

You were lucky that they took noticed of you. Some just won't. Yup, when a fire's on, it's all hands on deck.

It does help to know how to move a mob of sheep or cattle. Was on a friend's property not so long ago, moving heifers. They just wouldn't go where they were meant to, and friend wouldn't let me get out of the truck. Finally, I leapt out and blocked them, waving hats, jumpers and anything else I could lay hands on to make them think twice. They were very quiet, I wasn't in the least bit frightened of them, and they knew it. We finally got them through the gate.

Szczukme on you.

I thought it was a hoot when she got out of her car at the hotel in USA and went to the pavement to shake hands with the door man. All class

Any more hikes in charges like she has recently announced with the Department of Transport ( vehicle registrations and licences) she will be trying to get blood out of a stone. Laba have always been high taxing governments, regardless of State and irresponsible spenders of the taxpayers hard earned contrutions.

Our Anna couldn't get a screw in a Brothel with $1000 in her hand.........Useless

dick head

That nice Mr Soros , has cleared thousands of acres in the Amazon , for just that purpose. (After guiding the ethanol laws through in the US, of course) Wonder what his "Green" plan is for Ukraine, post Monsanto ?

She sure shucks

Stupid thing that Palletofshite is, costs a lot more to produce biofuel and creates more pollution doing so, if brains was petrol she/it wouldn't have enough to drive a nits gocart round a bottle cap she sure is related to all and every Labor person.

Fracking? Hell!

OOh, my comments in Tman's post have been blocked. Who is the labor pimp on this site?

You can count on a Queenslander! Not!

I bet the people of Poland would be surprised to know their fowl houses were full of "shays" instead of "szcuks." The name is clearly 'Palas- chook'.

She is talking fuctrose.

No self-respecting sheep dog would have gone off with her. It would have known who the boss was, and stayed with him.

Used to drive me mad when I tried to work a mate's dogs. Do you think they would follow my commands? Nup. Where's the boss, they asked.

Loved it. You should send that one of Barnaby.