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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



When will Piggy Howe's be parachuted into Billy's chair ?

The AWU has Short Arse by the proverbials! There is no separation for him! He is owned by the AWU! Lock stock and two smoking barrells!

All..."Property of the Marriage" old son...there is no way out...

Hold my hand I'm a stranger in paradise.

Lovely one Paul. I reckon Bills wife will not be happy if he gets the push. No Lodge for her.

Funny how the (our) ABC isn't seeing this as the rest of us are. It's interesting watching the proceedings now as the persons previously caught out being untruthful to the Commission are being cross-examined and confirming malfeasance by their superiors. Funny thing though, although certain folk have been dismissed by CBUS, it is funny how they are now employed at Trades Hall, still Union Members and frankly, still alive. I guess what we see as rotten in the Union is sweet smelling roses to them and all is good.

Now accusing Tony Abbott of a vendetta against him

Good one, Paul

'I say what he says'

What a marriage they have had! Certainly spawned a weird collection of 'children'. Paul you have a wonderful ability to catch the essence of the moment. Thanks

Ha, ha! Good one, Paul.

paul youcould show wads of money sticking out of the pocket of the awu persona

Sinodinos stood down when he was called before the ICAC. Shorten must do the same. Even Kennett agrees.

How apt Paul. He wants a gay marriage diversion and you gave him one. The leader of the rotting AWU/Labor carcass aka caucus. I guess he doesn't want to do a "running commentary"...

It seems to me that Tony always viewed the " Big Picture ". Unlike some of us bloody rednecks !!

The scary thing is, he doesn't necessarily know what they know. It remains to be seen if they go easy on him.

Great work Paul.

Changing the flag. New national anthem. Daylight saving. Save the Barrier Reef. Still a few he could go for!! Bet he tries too.

I like the lacy edging on the AWU apron.
What a sweetheart, not as pretty as the other wives eh, but a bit of rough.

Billy's going under the bus, whether he likes it or not.