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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



he was not a loveable person .... he was a thief

I think I'm the only one who realises that Bob Hawke was the same as Bill Shorten is now. Using ill-gotten union money to manipulate his way into parliament. The media were the same misinformers back then as they are now, hence "Hawkie" or "the silver bodgie" or other terms of endearment covered his real personality and hoisted him on an untouchable pedestal. He abandoned his loyal wife and children for his selfish needs, and Australia still sided with him. Go figure. He took all the credit for Keating's financial initiative's, and the media gave him all the credit. Labor lemmings see him as a demi-god. Since he left parliament he has milked taxpayers with his gold card and other perks ($millions!). And everybody still ignores his indiscretions.

Sorry Paul, it seems that you were not around when Bondy made us proud that being 1983

Sorry Paul,

Hmmmmm! ....meeting in heaven??? I don't think so. Unless the bearded dude is a poor characture of Lucifer!!

Surely Kirner isn't in heaven after hiring Gillard. Surely.

Thirded - SG:)

WHERE,s the GOANNA ??/ irecon I know, LOL.

that's only a portion of what went missing from Bell, the main portion location will now never be known, even though there are some of the players are still alive.

You're a sick puppy Zanetti. My kind of sick puppy. Love it.

Appropriate but not as artistically palatable Oz. Let's not mention Gillard.

You have a good point Oz and I wonder if Paul considered this when he drew it, clever and arty as it is. If Packer and Bondy can get in - shit, anyone can, including Pell and Rolf Harris.

I think that sack is the one missing from the Bell Resources vault.


He seems to have Bob Hawke fooled.

I worked for him. Created one of the few successes, Hyundai in Australia, based in Osborne Park. All was well until the fool listened to some bad advice and also decided that his brewery site industrial park on the Parramatta Rd. needed a good paying tenant. It all went belly up from there, until the Koreans had had enough, took it over and onwards they went. I've met a legion of business people who were blatantly ripped off by this jerk; some of them forced into closure if not bankruptcy because he would use his financial muscle and just ignore their invoices. The bit about the Americas Cup wasn't for was just almighty ego trip for Bond. Not a nice man at all

I'd be double checking to make sure he's really dead.

A very, very clever cartoon. Packer sold him a TV station for a fortune (90 million I think) and bought it back for a song. You worked that in beautifully. Worth a Walkley!

Love him or loathe him, he put Western Australia on the map. Vale Mr Bond.