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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



on basis that distribution made to them as beneficiaries previously. Other wise tax - so presume distribution currently is subject to tax - halving their actual income.

Have read a few stories on Gina, especially on treatment of her employees. Not flattering - what gets me though is that the assets are in a Trust. A Trust works differently to asset holdings and distributions - not necessarily a unit trust but a discretionary trust. For my mind if I were the children I would STFU, as I bet the ATO are swarming around the courts and the fact that she has done one resettlement of this trust means a huge cost for the Trust to the ATO. Any income distribution to children (non taxable) could on

No one likes a traitor or the low life people who support them.

There are some nasty jealous useless pricks in Australia. Gina Reinhardt can't help it if she was left billions & a billion dollar business by her Farther. Now she is generating a lot of employment for 1000's & massive revenue for our Country.

I love your work Nikolai. These clowns are no match for your intellect.

I read somewhere that Gina is a tight arse re money. Her kids, well don't know much about them. Maybe they are spoilt little rich kids or maybe they feel shafted at not having enough $. Who knows. I just think money causes huge problems between some families.

You will be accused of being sexist if you criticize this woman....and by the cartoon, fattist.

OK, thanks.

Old Codger.. We are not talking about what was left to Gina by her father but what was left to her children, his grand children. A fund which has been controlled by Gina but not hers.

It is NOT rightfully theirs until Mum dies!

In comparison to Gine Rinehart Dick Smith is tightfisted.

She is one of the richest women in the world. Someone should ask her not only why she wants so much money, but why does she keep wanting more and how much is enough?

He sure donates Nikolai. Even gave $50.000 for the defence of David Hicks.

I have seen the son John on a TV programme Shotgun and he came a across as a reasonable, responsible and mature young man and that was some years ago now. As to the other young women I have not heard anything to their detriment either and believe that the courts should give them access to what I believe is rightfully theirs. These young people are not teenagers but adults and should be treated as such in my view.

Always liked Gina Reinhardt and admired her for conserving her inheritance. She employs, she is astute. She is a target for filthy-minded journalists, who have never met her, do not know her and are not worth a pinch of salt. The rotten left are jealous of her. All power to you, Gina, and get rid of as many stinking lawyers as you can!

where to the super funds invest? big companies what else. We are in small business and we know full well the cost of employing staff, to generate the income just to pay one employer overheads is does not encourage business to put people on, simply as that.

What the socialists don't count on are the Aussie workers who go to these places, know the facts, pass on the info, comment on news stories, tell their families. Long ago, the unions counted on the worker being illiterate but times have changed. re FIFO article in the CM, comments there are very enlightening and most of the workers writing are pleased to get to a worksite away from unions. And their families would not want to go to the small gossipy mining towns to live. Had that with our own family member. Couldn't get out of Dysart in Q soon enough. Did You Start Any Rumours Today!! Gina is seen as an impediment to socialism and therefore the Labor/Greens parties. We know the rest of that rant by the dope above is BS.

in some cases I should have added there, here in Oz we have become a very expensive place to do business, reading yesterday in the business pages how the alarming lack of business investment shows a lean future ahead, and the RBA may even again lower interest rates!

thanks 'flying', what Gina referred to was that Australian companies are competing with companies operating around the world in third world places paying there workers $2's a day, and that Australian companies had to be able to compete in that environment, if you can't sell your product or services then you go broke and send others broke with you, but of course it all got twisted and turned back on her in typical ABC manner

That's what socialists like the above GetUp Galah don't like, linjohnwat, a very successful woman shows up the deadbeats who achieve nothing and want the taxpayer to keep them. The only 'fat stacks of green' are the envious commos like paulm. Gina was also married to a very wealthy American but your research or lack of, didn't reach that far. He also provided for the spoilt brats.