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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



And the ragheads and coons rape children with impunity buraq. It's cultural in the world of those subhuman savages, and it seems that certain culture trumps our laws. Not so the mick church though. A Royal Commission into rapes 4 decades ago, but coons and ragheads rape children today (as do many others, others who are charged), and can do so without punishment.

I've decided to jump the fence and become solo sexual. Nobody complains about my poor performance that way!

Didn't the Roman Empire go all gay just before it all collapsed.

I think the 4th couple have a lot of mates!

If you had a set of nuts dangling from your chin every day you'd want everyone to say it's OK too. "Please tell me my perversion is normal.....please"

I have no problem with two consenting adults doing together whatever gets them off. And I really don't care if they want to get married but if 'allowing' two gay men to get married would stop the promiscuity that causes the spread of H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. almost exclusively then I'd be all for it. But it won't, so I'm not for it.

Lesbians are an entirely different kettle of fish. But you find me a non-intrevenous drug using lesbian, who did not receive a blood transfusion before 1985 (when blood bank testing came in) with H.I.V. or A.I.D.S., then I'll become a homosexual myself and marry my best friend.

Funny thing about the 'equal marriage' crowd and heads up their own arses. Key argument they make is one of 'society's values have changed.' Yet they like to bang on about love, commitment, fidelity, duty, obligation family values, freedom to marry the one you love. All of these were society's values back in the days these laws were drafted. On that point they're dead wrong, society's values regarding marriage haven't changed. And it's only some people, not all, who feel that marriage as an institution has lost enough meaning to be little more than signing a paper, and should be available to all, regardless of who's shacking up with who (and just on that note, how many dodgy refo's will suddenly become persecuted married gays in detention centres...?).

But here's the kicker about the law - it didn't recognise society's values back then, anymore than it does now. All that's changed in the 50 odd years the Act has been in force is that Aboriginals are free to marry whites without getting state permission first, and 'a man and a woman' has been put in to clarify the definition of who may enter into this exclusive state of legal recognition. All the other fluff - love, commitment, family values, etc..., isn't part of the law. No where does it say you must love, honour and nuture each other. That part is strictly the domain of the priest or celebrant's pomp and ceremony. The law just says one must be man, the other woman and nobody else (be that another man, woman or beast). So if these equal marriage wankers were fair dinkum, then they wouldn't be asking for an ammendment to a law that doesn't recognise the core values that society regards as important, they'd be asking that the law be changed to acknowledge all enduring relationships society between two consenting adults, that are acknowledged by those persons, their family, peers, and would be generally accepted by society as being marriage or marriage-like, as marriage-like union with no difference in legal status to those married in the religious sense.

They don't want that though, since that would require that the act of marriage be defined as a religious ceremony (as it currently is) and allow Christian churches, wedding planners and bakers to be immune from litigation when they say "We don't acknowledge your relationship".

Communism still creeping in!

Why is it that "All Gullible Left Wingers"are either "Homo's,Leso's,or Kiddie"fiddlers?

The wife and I have hallway sex, when we pass each other in the hallway she says fuck you and I say fuck you too.

It's not so much the Catholic Church, I am NOT A Catholic - moreover its the people who instigate these horrific crimes on children. But it is NOT only the catholic church in question - many other institution's employees who are paedophiliacs. '`MARIGOLD', You are so correct with your comments - it IS SOCIALISM AT WORK IN ITS MOST HORRIBLE WORST.

Yes marigold and it is on children's TV and I really object to that.

might not work in Aus,,, Aussies probably couldn't care

Check out the Fabien agenda there lies the answer "O"

Many people really don't care what two consenting adults do be they straight, bent or gay as long as no-one gets hurt, it's legal and the taxpayer don't pay for it. But I do have concerns about this almighty push world-wide to legalize same-sex marriage, what is the real agenda, is it to undermine the western-world concept of marriage between a man and woman, is it to add-to and enhance the bank accounts of lawyers, is it to populate the world with children born of surrogate wombs with same-sex parents. Why the big push, myself I prefer the status-quo to leave things as they are.

Britain has county's called Middlesex, Sussex and Wessex but NO Middlesex, ODD!!

That must have taken a considerable amount of time to draw, Larry. Very clever and sadly, far too apposite. Strange old world.

Here is a book we all should read;

I blame it on Mrs Brown's Boys. I am offended.

Hmmmm. Is this part of the end of western democracy? It seems as a society we are more focussed on sexuality and vice than we are on the economy, wealth generation and business growth.