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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Looks like Archmed before his vest lit off.

Exactly GL...& it drives me absolutely bananas when normally conservative & 'sane' folk [i.e. I speak of relatives & lifelong friends] deliberately change the subject or ignore me when I bring up the topic of 'radical' Islam, because all they know is what they were erroneously taught in Grade 4...& therefore I am wrong, deluded & obviously the 'new radical' they must tolerate, like a senile fool. Rant

great comment OzB. The numbers of people in our community that have misgivings about moslems but feel bad about it are huge. If we could just remove the misgivings it would be like the Emporers' new clothes - but they ARE trying to take over our country!

Apprentices waiting to join I.S. (insane Satanists) s

This guy looks like a failed suicide bomber instructor

there are two certainties if Abbotts government allow these murderous, traitorous scum bags back into Australia. The lily-livered and leftist justice system will let them off because they are "victims" and I will never vote for them again... ever.

I copy & paste the above comment on any anti-debate Leftie that attacks or calls me out on FB regarding my stance...usually they don't respond to this [probably because they are illiterate baboons]. Please use yourself elsewhere if u wish, I borrowed a couple of phrases & then modified it to my needs, lol.

I've used this comment on FB, but here goes again:

“If I wholeheartedly embrace 179 different ethnicities, language groups, nationalities, religions, philosophies or cultures, but choose to challenge just 1, or to challenge one or two aspects of just 1, does that make me a bigot? Or can I still happily claim the title "multicultural"?

Possibly the missing link in this argument is that people are positively scared of criticising one particular religious or cultural community. They fear a backlash either from the community itself or from the well-meaning but not-very-clear-thinking social/TV/political 'expert' commentariat who immediately cry, "bigot" or “racist”. It's that irrational & unreasonable outcry or backlash which kills the discussion in the first place & allows particular communities to go unchallenged.

Surely it is reasonable to acknowledge that not every culture will fit comfortably into our multicultural model. Surely in a country with 'freedom of speech' we must be free to make that comment & to level specific criticism [whether constructive or otherwise], or to say, "No, that kind of segregation is inconsistent with the culture of inclusion, freedom & personal choice that we have been developing for hundred of years in Australia," without being accused of deserting the mainstream & somehow becoming by definition racist or bigoted.

If so...guilty as charged. Otherwise, call me 'selectively & objectively, with no intended malice, anti-multicultural towards certain anti-integrative persons of no particular race, religion or creed'. [Just don't use that nonsensical word Islamophobia, invented in 1997 by some United Kingdom thinktank or 'brains trust' to describe what was possibly happening there in certain enclaves].”

Paul, you missed one important thing in your cartoon. The returnee should be sitting with his right hip about four inches higher than his left - the asymmetry caused by the ultra-thick wallet stuffed with Australian taxpayer-funded 'de-radicalisation' payments in his dishdash's hip pocket.

We continue to be taken for mugs by these people - and they make no secret of the contempt in which they hold us for allowing ourselves to be taken for mugs by them. They respect one thing and one thing only - the strong man. And if we started treating them they way they expect to be treated by anyone in power, they would show us and our society the respect they will never show it while we continue to kowtow to their every demand.


NEVER accept what a muslim says in English, it is what he says in ARABIC that counts.

What has Mufti got inside his leather pouches?

Yeah....its not all fun!!!

Great depiction of the arrogance in their early upbringing with the hands in the pockets