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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



He is at it again. Referring to "the death cult " when he should be saying Islam.

Use the money to charter a jumbo jet and chuck all we can find for a one way trip to Syria, No passport required. Money well spent

Probably being paid for by the cuts to pensioners.

What do these de-radicalisation programs do? They won't be turning the idiots away from islam, so I assume they will be telling the idiots to be patient and wait for the caliphate to be established by other means such as halal extortion and Section 18 etc.

all this money to be spent on less than 2% of our population

The only things these Muslim idiots need is a bullet. Preferably dip the bullets in pig fat first so they miss their 72 virgins.

Also halal tax. All the government is doing will come back to haunt them. It will to late for the rest of us.

There's only one man that is radicalising youth.

A simpler way would be to ban the islamic faith completely. It is the root cause of all of these issues

They need our money to de-radicalise their youth?? No they bloody well don't, they just have to stop the Imams from hate preaching. Are the pollies that dumb that they can't see this simple solution. And the Muslims don't want their youth de-radicalised, the money will just go to more furtherance of the caliphate.

How to deradicalise moslems in one easy step - see Rule 303

F^&**)^%& piss week arseholes $1.3 Billion should go to our troops they will de radicalise the F%(5ers! Oh lest have a street party at the Kafars expense and then go back to plotting their demise during the week what a bunch of Fucktards are this this Liberal National Government! I hate that fat arse Kyle Sandyarse but for once he nailed you Barnaby Joyce you have become such a fucktard since you got into Government piss off! We would all be better off without your cringing whining roll overs to halal and the banks you puissant!

People wake up!! We are heading for an all out war between the Democratic west and Islam , they are slowly infiltrating our society , play the victim card for the time being, when strong enough enforce their laws on us and ultimately take over , the only thing we can do to prevent is stop welfare payments, make them uncomfortable in our society by means of banning their offensive dress code , they will never accept our way of life, that means no music, entertainment, freedom! We cannot ignore being infiltrated by so called refugees who's only goal is deceit , theft, loaf and being a burden on society .

The inbred raghead goat shaggers must be salivating at the prospect of obtaining this money. Why should we the tax payer support them at all. One way no return ticket to the hell hole of their choice. Chuck the sub humans OUT.

Is our Gov't seriously going to give Islam $1.3BILLION for a de-radicalization fund? Can't really be that fucking stupid. Can you Tony? Or.... will you just see that it's taken out of the Halal con Slush Fund? Heaps of tax waiting there too Tones.

I thought that all monuments where in the LABAR pardee , apparently not, a new batch has arrived in the ABBOTT LNP party , for those who don,t understand , virtual impossibility to insert BRAINS into monuments, As I have always said they drink out of the same well and PISS in the same pockets OURS.

At last, the spineless idiots have put a price on appeasement. Mz Bishop should be put in stocks and have her oh so coiffed hairdo pelted with squishy tomatos, silly woman.
If we mortals can see the stupidity of this "initiative", why can't our so called leaders see the same thing?

And who gets the money - the imams?

How many bullets can we buy for $1.3 Billion? Rule 303 will be the only effective way of deradicalising this filth.

Hi Tone, remember Neville Chamberlain. Whack 'em, don't appease them.