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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



How come all Muslims aren't quarantined seeing they live such an un healthy lifestyle as found when they get here and demand we provide them with health care for every known illness on the planet .

How come Depp wasn't arrested on site for breaching Quarantine laws that the rest of us have to obey ? Could it be because the Qld government have such a high money value invested in the movie and it would not have even come here unless Qld. coughed up in excess of $20 million ?

Many women find Tones and Barnaby attractive do they Marygold? That explains a hell of a lot. These sheilas and you, should never be permitted to vote ever again. Nor their offspring. The same goes for ANYONE who reckons Bishop, Shorten or Plubersuck are attractive. No brains, just dodgy hormones, male and female. We are buggered!

How come these "holier than thou , jumped up, half smart actors think they are above the law ? Should have fined and deported the faggot along with the dogs . Can you imagine what would have happened to one of us if we tried to pull the same stunt entering the U.S.A. ?

If thing work the way they should, yes he will decide which pooch comes into the country.

This Depp stick actually smuggled the dogs inside suitcases. The Customs have x-ray pictures of the dogs inside the cases! He should be barred from ever entering Australia again. If an Aussie were to go to the USA and do the same..... he'd be deported and never again be allowed to enter USA. As it is we are termed 'Aliens'.

great cartoon

There seems to be two sets of quarantine laws in Oz. One for wealthy racehorse owners and one for domestic pets. I sent me dog back from Singapore in 1987. He had to endure three months quarantine in Maui, three months living with a family in Hawaii, to get some sort of residency - kind of a doggy 'green card', then a further three months in quarantine in Oz. When we got him back he appeared 'shell shocked', not the same happy and playful dog he had been. He developed a form of epilepsy some months later and we had to have him euthanased. He had been a healthy, and happy dog with absolutely no health problems and had always had the best vet care. Shipping and quarantine fees alone came to just over US$7K - 1987 dollars - not the main consideration, (. . . continued)

Two dogs...much ado about nothing. - ;)

The pumped up actor travels the world like a princess with his two little hairy friends,
poo poo and pee pee. He is accustomed to doing what he likes.
Good on Barnaby for putting him and everyone else straight about ignoring quarrantine and disease rules, They are not a joke.
My advice to the pretend pirate would be to trade your poofy animal friends in get a proper dog. Maybe a kelpie or a cattle dog.
In future, leave the bloody things at home while you are away working in fantasy land.

Wonderful caricature Paul. Says it all.

If a overblown 'actor' wants to introduce Rabies to Australia he should be allowed to do so!

Barnaby , I thought you were above grandstanding some minor article of the 6 O'clock news . Just stick to the things that ready matter and let your department deal with the law and little things . You are never going to get higher than you are now . Just be happy that you have got this far in life .

where was Barnaby when labor shut down the sales of live beef to Indonesia. Weak as piss. He now has a backbone regarding two dogs.

Barnaby is morphing into TA

One good thing about this is, that there's at least one politician who's thinking of the wellbeing of Australia instead of acceding to some populist concession.

Good on you, Barnaby.

save the poochs send the other to the bottom, before we get another aweful flick.

Lucky for Johnny the movie wasn't being shot in Vietnam!

Sea Dogs?

The private jet would have had 2 pilots and 1 relief pilot for the long journey. All pilots know the Customs requirements. I believe they all knew they were breaking the law