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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Great to see a female like Kirralie, has stirred up the cave people again. On 4 Corners tonight, more women soldiers who have them in their sights as well. Hope it's a women who eventually wrecks their evil life style. (All other pages 'got at' as at 4.40pm Sat.)

dead buried and cremated

That shovel rusted away long ago.

The media don't care about the other dumb mules. Their orders are to get PM Abbott and return power to the communists.

But its all Shirt Fronting, by both sides Larry. Slap on the wrist to Indo. Whilst they flip the bird to us with a pathetic We are sorry. Bugger, that's a strange thing to do.

Acres of news print assigned to a couple of drug runners. Hours of tv time etc. And how much do we see reported about the Muslims killing thousands of innocent people. Happening every day!

They're at it again.. jeopardising this site.!

I would like Indonesia to tell us what they do with the aid money Australia pays them each year ? Must be a time for an audit of their affairs .

So right T.G.

The Australian government will go crawling back to re-establish relations (I can't qualify that word with 'diplomatic') with Indonesia within a few weeks and it will be back to business as usual - us suppling aid that we have to borrow to provide, them banking it and despising us for the weaklings they see us to be.

Storm in a tea cup Larry, like bugging SBY phone, no one gives a toss after a few weeks. You got this call wrong!

That bloke/sheila thing got 20 years because she/it didn't plead not guilty, the others got life.

They took a calculated risk for profit and lost. Was it really worth it?

The hypocrisy of the Indonesian authorities is breathtaking - they were determined to execute because people that matter were cut out of the money loop. How dare these Australians not include us in the carve up.

Nine galoots from Australia wanted to enrich themselves on the misery of others but the final punishment doesn't fit the crime when one considers that vile Moslem cleric behind the Bali bombings is still drawing breath. Indonesia has just shot itself in both feet, hands and neck.

When will the mugs in Australia wake up and realise that life threatening (grog and drugs) cheap holidays in Bali is a recipe for disaster. Go find other nice spots on the globe to have a cheap grog filled holiday where your chances of survival if things go wrong are infinitely better - there's plenty of them.

The common theme here is Islam and it's barbaric culture - go to Indonesia and you pay good money to support a galactically corrupt country that sees Australian's as uncouth, brash i.e. a lower form of life. I regret having ever spent a dollar on the country.

So much for those nice, quaint Balinese...

Careful, if we displaese our peace loving indonesian brothesr they will send over 50,000 'refugees' tomorrow.

Good thing too.

I would give the media two days maximum before they become bored and move on to the next story.

Boycott Indonesia. Only buy local drugs!


You think this will be the result?

A bomb did not stop the Punters from going to Bali ,surely this event will have no impact ?