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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Stupid is as stupid does. Remember that Wayne portrays Labor at its best folks. Jeeeees!

By the way - the people of Lilley may have something to say about this. Only the bong smoking Greens got you over the line.

Every day reminds us your group of four robbed our savings and plunged us into un-needed debt.

Stay there Wayne.

Do you think that perhaps that "Lofty Brow" of Shortarse's is the same as Turnbullshit's. Maybe they are related?

Hey, look! Isn't that Null and Void?

Both a couple of jellyfish. no brain and no backbone!

The ALP...noted for its diversity. See all the Women and minorities

The poor fellow is not trained in anything else worthwhile ,other than politics so we'll probably see him die in office .

Great cartoon Paul. The Shortarse cranium is a classic.

I'd like to see Wayne back , as leader. It would be a bloody field day for us lot !

well like the LNP they are attacking the soft underbelly in order to gain revenue,classic socialism, take from those who has the foresight to make sound investments and give it to those who blow it on cigs, the pub and the pokies..the equal distribution of wealth, that it what it is...neither have the bottle to go after big business and tax havens, just like the sherif of Nottingham....gather the taxes, from those who have little voice....

No one else wants him .

he has got a wart on his nose

Why are the door knobs so low - just to depict them all as plain low lifes, or to reflect their status as mental midgets? I like the paper plane too; fair indication of the effort that goes into the job. Excellent cartoon!

Ha ha lovely Paul.

A good cutting cartoon, true and to the point. Actually, Shorten makes Wayne look good. The Labor Party in the last ten years has had a dearth of talent. Imagine a defense minister in any other country having an affair with the chief Chinese spy and getting away with it. Joel Fitzgibbon did and got away with it, although it caused 17 separate investigations into the Military Intelligence unit of the ADF. The union guy using the union's money to pay hookers is another example. Australia is lucky that cartoonists can still ply their trade and make serious social comment. Where I live in Malaysia, the only serious cartoonist has been charged with a series of crimes against the Sedition Act. He will probably get 20 years for his trouble.

Have you ever met him? He gives delusional disorder a new meaning: try fool, moron, lunatic! If he was any good, he would have been invited to sit on a bank board years ago. The best thing for him is to stay in Parliament and let the taxpayer pay for his pitiful life. Just another example of the dills making decisions for the future of this country.

The worlds greatest treasurer, what a joke. Reminds one of the Australian of the year award a few years ago, awarded to Tom Foolery.