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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



That's a pisser.

Location/Base: Istanbul, Turkey
Ref #: 1185
Aircraft Type: A320
Rank: First Officer

Minimum Requirements
Minimum Frozen ATPL
Minimum 3,000 flight hours on aircrafts over 27 tonnes (GERMAN was ZERO hours)
Minimum 2,000 flight hours on one of the mentioned aircraft types: See Notes (GERMAN was ZERO hours)
Between the ages of 22-45 on the date of the employment (If the total flight time is 4,500 and over 27 tonnes, the age limitation is 50 on the date of employment)
Only JAA/EASA/ICAO/FAA licenses are acceptable, Current Class 1 Medical Certificate
ICAO Level 4 in English, Passing the English Exam which will be conducted in Istanbul by Turkish Airlines
Last flight within last 6 months
Acceptable Aircraft Types: B717, B757 /200/300, CL600-2C10 - 700/701/702/Challenger 870, CL600-2C10

NOTE: A Commercial Pilot Licence (also Airline class 2) is TOTAL training below 10,000 ft in a single engine aircraft

The Germanwings airline job was ALL flying ABOVE 10,000 ft to 41,000 ft in a twin jet 4 times faster than his training aircraft. The co-pilot had NO experience above 10,000 ft
It normally takes 5 years to gain the experience for a jet co-pilot job anywhere

The German pilot got the job when the ink was still wet on his Licence and the 300 hours on gliders is not allowed to be logged as pilot hours
Lufthansa must answer why they gave him only 1 flight per month

I agree with you on this one marigold.

I found this on the net re Andreas Lubitz, I was looking for his detailed flying experience;

''There he had joined the LSC Westerwald flying club and obtained his glider pilot's licence as a teenager before being trained as a Lufthansa pilot in Bremen.’'

It appears AL had about 330 hours on gliders, 200 hours for the basic Commercial Pilot’s Licence then Lufthansa put him into the right hand seat of a subsonic jet where he did 100 hours in 18 months, i.e. about 1 flight per month.
More flying is required to maintain proficiency on the aircraft and 1 flight per month is not enough especially for an ‘’inexperienced’’ pilot
To sum it up, the experience was about 30 hours per year flying gliders which counts for nothing. He got a Commercial Licence over many years, 3 times the normal period and Lufthansa made him a co-pilot on jets.

In Aus Pilots will have 1,000 hours by 21 years mostly from Flight Instructor work and if the Airlines recruit them they will fly as co-pilots on turbo props for about 5 years gaining about 5,000 hours then they will get a Command on turbo props or go to co-pilot on jets.
A.L. got the short cut to co-pilot, eliminating 5 years of experience and his passengers didn’t know

Lufthansa is not telling us all the truth, why did they employ such an old pilot with so few hours ? their offer of $75,000 to relatives is mean and despicable, they deserve to be bankrupted.
The victims suffered 8 minutes of distress, knowing that death was imminent


Just stumbled onto this cartoon on Facebook, 694 likes, 244 comments, 168 shares and didn't it bring bring the PC police out of the woodwork.

That is a very clever one Larry - deserves front page of all the papers so people get the right idea.

A clever and most insightful comment.

Right on the money Lazza.

Borderline Larry borderline.

We know Tony maintains an air of decency and would step out to relieve himself ,where as Bill and his motley crew tend to shit in their own nest and abuse those attempting the clean-up.

Many a true word was spoken in jest ! How appropriate except that in Australia's case , doom is at the will of the passengers . If only the poor sods had had the advantage that we have !

Sorry if this is not on topic but thought you would be interested.
Libs seek inquiry into halal certification
6 HOURS AGO MARCH 27, 2015 6:21PM
COALITION members are seeking an inquiry into the way food is certified as halal.
HALAL food has been prepared according to Islamic law, and is free from pork products, alcohol and other specified ingredients.
Companies seeking to label their foods "halal" - an Arabic word for "lawful" - must pay fees to Islamic organisations for inspection and certification.
Recent figures show the halal sector could be worth $1.5 trillion worldwide by 2050.
It's likely to become more of an issue as Australia seeks to kick-start talks on a free trade deal with the Gulf states, as well as boost exports such as meat and processed foods to Southeast Asia.
However, Liberal senator Cory Bernardi said there was a lack of clarity around halal certification.
"I haven't been able to ascertain what the cost of this religious tax is to individual companies or the overall cost to the Australian consumer," Senator Bernardi said in a statement.
"No one has been able to explain why water, milk and cat food need halal certification.
"No one has been able to explain all the groups involved in the certification racket and where the money paid actually ends up."
Liberal National Party MP Bruce Scott, who chairs a parliamentary committee looking at exports to the Middle East, said halal certification was crucial to jobs in rural and regional areas.
He said his coalition colleagues were not opposed to halal certification but wanted to ensure the process was above board.
"The old saying is 'the buyer is always right'. We've got to make sure that we're meeting buyer expectations and requirements for the export into those markets," he told ABC radio.
Australia exports more than $3.4 billion of processed and unprocessed food to the Middle East each year.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. I am going to print this one out and hang it on my office wall as a continual reminder of what Labor is trying to do to this country. Well done Larry.

The following speech was made in Parliament by Craig Kelly MP, representing the seat of Hughes, New South Wales for the Liberal Party of Australia,
Madam Speaker, is a great pleasure to speak on this matter of public importance on the subject of “Every Australian”.
But firstly, on the debate we are having in parliament and the media today about “cuts”, I would like to make an analogy. Imagine there is a house where the gardens are neat and the lawns are mowed. It is neat and tidy inside. The furniture is all in good condition. All the bills are paid and up to date.
Then a rogue tenant moves in and, over a period of six years, he has a series of wild parties. He invites all his mates around and he absolutely trashes the place.
Finally, after six years, he is evicted. On the way out, he barricades the door and he sets fire to the house.
Then this rogue tenant, come arsonist walks across the road and sits on the other side in the gutter. As the fire brigade rolls up, he starts to heckle.
As the fire brigade comes up and parks on the grass, he yells out, "Don't park there!"
"Look at the mess they're making on the grass."
The fire brigade then knock down the door that has been barricaded. The rogue tenant sitting in the gutter on the other side yells out, 'Look at the damage they are doing to the door”.
'Look at the mud that they are walking through on the carpet".
“Look at the water damage they are causing to the house” they yell.
Well Madam Speaker that is an analogy of exactly what the Labor Party's governance did to this nation during their six years in government.
For six years, the Labor Party trashed the governance of this country and they trashed the budget – and now they sit on sidelines, just like that rogue tenant, and heckle every step that we make to put out the budgetary fire that they lit.
So ultimately Madam Speaker, the blame for every single cut made to budget should be hoisted back on the Labor Party – for without their waste, their reckless and politicly motivated spending, all with borrowed money, not a single “cut” would be necessary.
Let me give you some facts and figures.
During the period from the last coalition budget in 2007-08, a Costello-Howard budget, to the final Labor budget of 2013-14, there was no problem with income. Income actually increased during that period of six years by $68 billion.
There was a 23% increase in revenue flowing into the government coffers because we had the mining boom and record commodity prices. We had record prices for our coal and our iron ore, so the government enjoyed a healthy 23% increase in revenue.
So, the problem was not on the revenue side; it was on the expenditure side. That is because the Labor government in that period of six years increased government spending by over 50%
There was a 50 per cent increase in expenditure. We know where it went. It went into the billion dollar blow-out in border protection, the pink batts, the green loans, the $900 cheques to the dead and the set-top box program. I could go on and on. I would need several hours to list all the waste and reckless, politically motivated expenditure of Whitlam-esque proportions of the previous Labor government.
That 50% increasing in spending resulted in turning what was money in our national accounts into a net debt of $245 billion.

And that debt comes at a cost.
The cost is the interest that we now have to pay on that debt. This year it is a $13.5 billion cost to the budget.
The fastest increasing expenditure that we as a government face is the interest on Labor's debt. It was previously zero; it is now $13.5 billion.
That works out at $560 for “every Australia” - $560 for every man, woman and child in this country.
For the average household of four, that is $2,200. That is JUST the interest bill on Labor's debt.
So the problem we have now - we have to work out where that money to pay the interest on Labor’s debt is going to come from.

We in this country have a choice. There are two things we can do.
We can work together as a parliament to work out how we can bring our budget back into balance, because we are currently spending 10 per cent more than we collect in revenue – or we can continue to borrow, and ask our children and grandchildren to repay it.
But sadly Madam Speaker, the members on the other side of this Chamber, Labor and the sole Green member want to continue to borrow money, and by doing so steal from future generations of Australians.
That is their plan—to have the debt paid by our children and grandchildren. Shame on them.
Shame on every single one of them for stealing from our children and grandchildren by running up debt through reckless and wasteful spending.
They should admit the reason for any "cuts" is their reckless and wasteful spending, and they should join us to work together to get this budget back into balance - rather than heckling, like that rogue tenant from the sidelines.

Maybe a bit too soon .... BUT having said that, a more apt description of what Shorten and the Labor Party in conjunction with the Greens and feral cross benches could not put it any clearer. Wake up you stupid morons, respect the mandate Abbott has and save my country from these lunatics .......