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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Right on Chris ;-))

What troubles me most is the lack of grief and protest over the dozens of young Australians who lose their lives each year to drug overdose. Those lives ruined through drug induced psychosis and the associated crime and ruined families. These are never publicised and yet all we hear is about two career criminals who have reformed. Of course they were going to reform. They had a very sobering penalty handed down. The penalty was not a secret yet they still went ahead with the smuggling and now we are supposed to feel sorry for them? We have politicians from both sides of parliament falling over each other trying to prove who is the most compassionate. (It is nothing but a grab for votes) I am heartily SICK of hearing about it in the media. Show some compassion for the thousands of lives ruined by the drug trade. Yes I feel sorry for their families. I feel sorry for their stupidity. I also feel sorry we have elected officials who expend more time and energy on two criminals than they expend for their victims.

I am thinking of a bad taste cartoon, the Bali Police Commissioner standing over two executed prisoners like a hunter standing over his freshly shot buffalo.

What do the Media want me to feel? Guilt? I don't. Anger at the Indonesians? I don't. Sympathy for the two smug drugglers? I don't. I'm heartily sick of the minutiae served up ad nauseum. Who cares what brand of van in which they were transported to their doom? I don't.
And what of the Stateless criminals on Nauru?
Having blatantly and knowingly avoided our border security, these space wasting oxygen thieves turn on the hapless Nauruans who have given them another start that this trash don't deserve, and they throw stones at their hosts . And these morons think they were bound for Australia? Doh.

It's a gamble you play called life, the two played the game for high stakes and lost. And yep I would not ever contemplate going anywhere near Indonesia as they are so corrupt, remind me of Greens and Labor, you could be innocent and still face the bullet. These two were guilty! nuff said

If your a Musso Cleric Terrorist in Bali you can help kill 80 Aussies and not face the firing squad. They are all corrupt...I'll never ever go there.

Yep, Lone One, sometimes whether you want it or not!

The Balinese have my sympathy as they will suffer a loss in business should the executions of Chan and Sukamaran go ahead. A lot of Australians will make alternate plans for their Asian holiday but some won't. The Cassowary, who has never taken an illegal drug in his life has been offered heroin whilst in Bali, has had a request for money from the immigration passport inspector on departure and has vowed to never ever return and never will. Should the executions go ahead any products from Indonesia will be boycotted . Thailand is a far better holiday destination with friendlier people, better service and far better food.

Yep, cock or tail, you can get it in Bali !!

Good luck anyone who wants to go to Bali . How much warning do you need - Its cheap and it is a place where you can definitely get something for nothing . Bombings, spiked drinks all the drugs you want (just dont get caught).

There's always the food and drink, especially pre-mixed cocktails.