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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



I reckon that there will be a run on "Gastro-Stop" at the chemists. Let's see if the investigators have the guts to name the BIG names in sport. So what if you have to change the name of a road etc. Get rid of the scum and don't be like Channel 9 (I think it is) that kept John's on. No wonder these mongrels have gotten away with things for so long.

I would like the investigation broadened to cover the NRL's officials' involvement in getting Johns out of trafficking charges in Britian with the help of diplomatic staff and Harley St specialists so that he remains an "Immortal" and "Legend" of the game.

Gold Coast Suns next to be implicated. Time to pack up Junior and head back to the Cats for a final premiership tilt. You know it makes sense!

Looks like Piesfan is the hacker.

Well, the cartoons pages are still accessible.

Love it! Very funny.

“Roll up! Roll up! Get your drugs at your local sports club! We have Ice, we have Speed, we have Coke, we have Smack…Whatever your needs your local sports Heroes are here to help! Roll up! Yes,our intellectually challenged losers ,whose skill sets are regularly exceeded by the lowest of their fellow simians are ready to sell you your fix. They get such low pay for their pathetic abilities, that they need you to subsidise their miserable existence. Don’t be shocked; don’t be dismayed, it is common place now; everyone’s doing it. AFL Club players, Cyclists, Field and Track athletes, you name your sport, they’re all at it. It’s no use trying to protect your children. Give in and let these drug peddlers show them the way to succeed. You wouldn’t want your children to be disadvantaged eh?

Too true!

At first I thought they may have been disorientated Muslims, uncertain of the shortest compass direction of Mecca.

Nailed it bruce.

Rent-A-Troll giving the leftoid point of view.

On the money as usual Paul. Thanks. What complete and utter drop-kicks - they give morons and idiots a bad name. As for Hunt, tear up the contract. It's time he was thrown out of the game - give other players a run. No one is indispensable - it's just a game for heaven's sake. New talent needs to be elevated and the ridiculous amounts offered in contracts should be drastically reduced and make players have a part-time real job to keep them in touch with the real world. Have a modest fixed annual fee plus performance bonuses. All the codes need to stop holding up their players as some sort of gods and role models. None of them fit those categories - they just play a game. Commercialisation has corrupted ethical behaviour in codes. Too much money, too much idleness - this is the result...

The greyhound live bait scandal made heads roll, the regular NRL preseason scandal is right on schedule , which just leaves the cricket World Cup match fixing to be revealed or the AFL to outdo them all.

The only thing you missed Paul was their tatts.

Mr B .... I could not have said it better myself. thanks

I think you've very accurately encapsulated modern day 'professional'(!) football - of all codes - in that one short sentence, mr bruce.

I heard Sydney first grade club Rugby League described not too inaccurately some time ago by another pundit as "Your Pacific Islanders playing our Pacific Islanders".

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental! It does seem through history that the consequences of rewarding people with some talent in various fields of entertainment with sums vastly greater than their actual value to society is to set many of them, particularly the lesser minds, on a path to self destruction via a lifestyle of excess. Great wealth in the hands of the immature is usually a formula for disaster. We'll end up with such people in the Senate next… sorry we already have!

Congratulations on being all inclusive with one of the mohammed's finest kneeling ready to pray!

Oh goodness me. Bad timing. They got busted before the big International Sports Drug Fest, the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast takes place. By the way they keep talking about Karmichael KUNT not being charged as he only getting a Notice to Appear. WRONG - it means that he HAS BEEN CHARGED.

The tip of the ICEberg! Sports people think that they are untouchable and should be allowed to do whatever they want because they are legends in their own minds. They are just entertainers and not good ones at that.