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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



So is that you mangling the site?

OzRealist, I read where the judge in case of the halah thief has been thrown out and the thief was told by the judge to sort out case from 171 pages and bring them back in a week. He has made mills from collecting and pocketing halal money from dopey companies that just cough up. His case is against the Q and Kirralie.

He really needed to do what he is trying to do but unless he drops 18c we'll cop shit and they will throw it. I believe he is bringing in some of these no speak racial laws because of the ALA. That will stop us from saying what needs to be said about the mozloms.

Must be the ABC editorial commissars. Get Abbott at all costs. Forget integrity in journalism, scruples or accuracy. Which one is Scott?. Look at Sarah Ferguson. A female stand over merchant and bully if ever I saw one. Where did that bitter and twisted mind set get developed?.

How honestly true, nailed it Paul.

Nice one Paul, shows well the nit picking by today's over fed and under achieving "journalists"

The rock bottom shareprice of these biased media reflects the bottom dwelling jounalists and editors delivering their rubbish which is anything but factual's near impossible to find balanced news these days.

Thanks PZ. I like PM Abbott because he is a decent no bs man. I'm not catholic and don't care what religion people are if they are decent. Most of the press gallery freaks are unbearable and "insiders" is a health hazard in the bias. It seems to me so called "reporters" today, seem to think they are "opinionists" and assume we want to know what "they" think and interpret their person "feelings". So many should be sacked and people who can report fact should be employed. I buy no newspapers now. They are full of lies, innuendo, idiot reporting etc.

If it helps suggest to put it to TA that the media strategy should use elements of back burning and techniques to exclude oxygen or fuel. You'll never stop so called journos from trying to ignite stories 24/365.25 nowadays. The low profile doesn't mean low or no target anymore. Defend with decoys and attack in preference to defend. Hell the ALP, Greens, and miscellaneous loons have been doing it for ages. They never actually defend their lunacies except with lies and fantasies.

Was it Shorten or one of his tame performing seals in the press gallery?

Mine's a Peter Reith protégé and more MIA than the ALP predecessor. I've a bit of respect for Reith but I think he didn't have the finger on the pulse he thought he had. He failed to realise the threat that KRudd posed or wouldn't admit to it at least.

They talk about whingeing Poms. Australians appear to have replaced the Poms and have become a nation of greedy whingeing knockers. Get behind this man who has delivered far more for our country in a short period of time than the laba gummints did in the six years prior. Our attention and focus should be on the wreckers from the laba and green movements who wrecked our economy and almost our Nation.

It has long been popular wisdom that incompetence is more likely than conspiracy. I say that's rubbish it's usually both.

Can't get my head around that. Maybe if I have another drink........

If you think it can help and could break through the brick walls of isolation well nothing venture, nothing win. Too many of our politicians are surrounded by group thinking toadies with limited viewpoints. I despair of another federal Watermelon government. I wouldn't live long enough for it to be repaired. It will be a tough enough ask if the current government has twenty years.

I doubt one old rooster would listen to another, besides there's a battery of wet hens to get past. In a previous life I learnt that people in managerial positions rarely like being told there's a better way unless you can let them think they came up with the idea. I'm just a little surprised that neither Abbott nor Newman worked this out for themselves. Feel free to pass it on. I don't have any special channels through the courtiers.

is it any wonder that he can not think clearly with all that inhouse graffiti in the background.

Nice work Paul.

I've said it BEFORE but I'll say it "One More Time"
How to SAVE the LNP :-

Since the Sheeple of Australia bleat so much about having to pay a couple of bucks for a Medical Co-Payment, but are blissfully un-aware that each and every one of us is paying over $9-00 a week HALAL Food Tax, the Federal Government could easily claw back some of it’s sliding popularity by Targeting this Illegal Moslem TAX.
The Change left over, after paying the Co-Payment Tax, from this 12 BILLION DOLLARS rort, presently collected from Australians each year could even fund a token Carbon Tax and thus Win back the hearts of our little Green Brothers.
The remaining 7 Billion would go a long way to paying off the Budget Deficit with it’s 1$Million Daily Interest payment.
And Tony Abbott’s Popularity would SOAR right up till the Next Election when he could proudly hand over our Booming Economy into the hands of the of an Economic Girley-Boy like Shorten to gleefully Stuff-Up once again.

It's just so true. A pack of lying vultures