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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Unless you are a seasoned dealer you won't get your hands on 8 kgs of drugs. It's GREAT to know that they are suffering from HIGH's (another appeal) & LOW's (appeal quashed). A bit like a druggies experience getting high on drugs and coming down. Let them endure the suffering that they inflict on others. And the "innocent" families - hasn't one of their sisters just been charged with drug offences. Yeah! they are innocent alright!

They knew the laws of the land when they committed the crime. Corrupt judges and officials and rehabilitated or not that is the law in Indonesia and many other countries.

All little Johnnies fault for allowing this to happen and where is Mick Kelty these days seeing his actions saw the 9 incarcerated in Bali instead of in Australia .

I think many have the wrong idea about Indonesia. Only about 55% are Moslems. Indonesia is a secular country that does not recognise one religion. I thing there are 6 recognised religions there are Buddahism (many ancient temples), Hinduism, Catholics (remnant of the presence of the Dutch and strong on some islands such as Ambon), protestants (again from the Dutch) and I think the traditional religion of Bali (which is a mixture of Buddahism and Hinduism). Of those who claim to be Moslems only a small proportion are strict adherents probably the strongest is in northern Sumatra in the Acheh area which was hit be the Tsunami and where there was a civil war, Also, there is a large Chinese population that runs most of the businesses as is the case in Malaysia. They keep their heads down.

It's all Little Johnnies fault!

Really difficult matter blurred by the corrupt, hypocritical Indonesian officials. The AFP got this really wrong in my view, all because they wanted to look good to those corrupt officals. The AFP playing politics.

Is he using some of the sacks the yearly $600M is delivered in?

John Howard was PM, Trumby. They were arrested in 2005

Who was PM at the time of their arrest ?

Can somebody tell me why there is no media outlet that gives a debate on both sides of the death penalty. All I ever hear from commercial stations like 4BC (and I question their Brisbane content) and of course the propaganda wing of the ALP - the ABC where people putting forward opposing views are quickly cut off or over talked during their conversations with these supposedly open minded journalists, reporters or what ever they are representing themselves as.

You don't think that this is a sporting chance - then look at where the guns are pointed. Obviously they don't know about muzzle awareness. Good chance he could have got shot too.

To all these people who are anti execution, (state sanctioned murder). What about our air force pilots dropping bombs on ISIS? Aren't they committing state sanctioned mass murder of a few for the good of many?

Genghis, I agree. How many people who are protesting the execution of this scum protested against the death penalty in all countries. How many have travelled to the US, China and Asian resorts for holidays, flown on their airlines for cheaper fares etc.. These countries all have death penalties but I don't see them boycotting them or their facilities, air carriers etc. Just a bunch of hypocrites.

No doubt the MSM led by the ALPBC will ensure we don't forget.

I find the whole approach to the death of these two drug smugglers hypocritical in the extreme. Where were all the do gooders screaming for the lives of Amrozi and his group responsible for the Bali bombings when they were executed. I don't recall anyone wanting to save their lives. So it is a double standard I believe. It is good enough for Indonesia to kill one of their own for a crime committed in Indonesia but it is not OK to do the same to an Australian drug smuggler committing a crime in Indonesia that carries the death penalty. I just hope the soliders can shoot straight.

I think there is no hope that they will survive this planned execution as too many other heads are in danger as Widodo wants to show that he us the boss and that he isn't weak. Lawyers going back to the courts claiming that judges requested payment for a more lenient sentence are going to the very people, or brothers of the ones who requested payments in the first place. ( if they in fact did.) so don't expect anything good to come of that. The judges will cover their own arses and the arses of their brother judges. It is doubtful if there is a more corrupt country anywhere else than Indonesia on the planet earth.

If I was in either of their positions and the end was certainly inevitable, well hand me a rope and I'll do it myself rather than let the dancing monkeys do it.

"You reap what you sow"

Not much chance of this one happening LP. That would result in the possibility that he himself got shot. I think this one is a little tasteless Larry considering the plight of the families mate. Why don't you pull this one ?

Very good. I hope you're right.