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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Not a bad idea Piet.

TA is a mighty fighter - a bit like a rampant sergeant-major in a battle. But he's not a general. Peta is. And Julie is a better one.

Peta Credlin treats Tony Abbott like a little child - her little child! When will Tony cut the apron strings? I believe it is time she went.

Speaking of things Kanackery...

Abbott being Abbott probably doesn't listen to her either.

I've never heard her talk but if she's so clever how come Abbott is in deep shit?

Like it Piet!

Excellent idea.

I agree that the ABC and media in general have not been kind to PM. However, there have been far too many "back flips" to say the least. The Treasurer must be formulating his May 2015 budget instead of still trying to push his last budget. Also, the back bench have an eye on the next election, if TA is not popular with the electorate, they must ensure their own survival.

Never mind.....(sniff)
Probably perk up when he gets his pension and perks eh??

I'll 2nd it.

There's a serious problem here. Change your password. alpinist. and your moniker.

That is, great likenesses

Grear likenesses.

Turbine, I agree wholeheartedly. In fact I hope you do not mind if I paste your words to these LNP arseholes? I wait your acceptance ort disagreement. Whatever you say, sir.

Great likenesses.

All I want to see are these overpaid and underqualified nincompoops start governing the place instead of indulging in popularity contests. Why they, or anyone for that matter, takes any notice of the media is beyond comprehension, especially that droning old fart Laurie Oops.
This small nation of 22 million souls should be run like the corporation that it is, by a board of directors elected by the shareholders (we the people), and if they don't turn a profit, be sacked at the next GM. WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED THREE TIERS OF MEDDLING BLOODY FOOLS IN EACH STATE, each overlapping the other, each trying to out PC the other. Damned expensive waste in any ones books.

Turncoat at the ready - (He has been ready since day 1.- quietly beavering away)

If Tony Abbott goes I'm joining ALA. Many people have short memories - just go back through Larry's archives to the time when this site was unanimous in it's condemnation of Rudd and Gillard. What in comparison has Abbott done to deserve this treatment when compared with the disasters of the 2 previous prime ministers? Abbott deserves a fair go, or have Australians forgotten how?

A friend has just suggested that your cartoon of Credlin reminds her of the time when Margaret Whitlam won "Horse of the Year."