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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Are you ok?

Whats all this bull shit about Jenny F?,,,i seem to have missed it,,,maybe a good thing i did.

Stay positive mate,,that's the best advice i can give.

Creeping up again but being worked on,,what about your problem?

Hi Oz,,well,after being away from here for a while it seems that there is different shit around but it still has the same smell.

TA is not a visceral Australian, he was weaned on Pommy charter myths and has only a confected connection with the Aussies who came here in the 19th century. Does anyone know if he has Dual citizenship? Dual Citizen ship is wrong. But it does give an out with some ME filth, cancel their Australian citizenship and entitlements forceable sell their gear and buy their fare back to the places they slithered out of.

There go his dreams. I reckon he wants a knighthood of his own. Just like every other Pom

Looks like a Nomad

Or, as the old saying goes, " KARMA HAS ITS ONLY LITTLE WAY ON ONE & ALL OF US ! But those that really need it get it bloody BIGTIME .... "

To having a need to jump into a bed everytime you want something is nothing but being a "SLUT,or a PROSTITUTE " or even a real cheap SHAG ! Therefore take your choice of whichever is more applicable to suit your description.... he should've called it when he saw the numbers being against him, as its cum back to bite his arse now ! The real problem is, " There is NO GUTS OR GLORY, FOR WHIMPS ! And this covers just about every one that in there.... " and it's only going to get frucking a lot worse, than it is now too ! Mark my words, YA heard it from me,here on TPP page

"No I would not give you false hope ..." Tones, Rider on the Storm!

Oh ye of little faith. Tony will survive this shit fight and rightly so.

She should be out altogether. Staff like her know everything, and understand nothing.

Having worked closely with such powerful, but destructive, staff in the past, I know that she will continue to influence everything while ever she's in the office. Not of misogny statement, it would be the same if she was a man.

I see in Akermans' blog that he considers the West must show no mercy to IS and "must pursue Daesh and its supporters globally".

Tony should call an election NOW. This will give his members of the Judas party something to think about because the ABC & the unions will get Short Willie in the Lodge & the traitorous ones can then navel gaze & wonder HOW did this happen.

One's turning one's burning blazing away ( Marianne Faithful)

Thanks CarrierD, will do. I'm interested to know where this is at. $2b is a lot of money that no one knows what is doing.

dante, go over to jo nova blog and and you will see what a massive waste this whole climate change religion is. If Turnbull and Bishop who both believe in it get to run the Libs I will not be voting for them. Bishop gave $200 million to the cause on her recent visit to the latest conference in South America.

Business did increase in Qld over the past 2 years. I'm a bit concerned now tho' with the disaster created by " the people " !

Next take up Malcontent and chuck him out at 10,000 feet!

Why is the good engine on the left.