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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Vote % Swing
LNP 41.3 -8.3
ALP 37.5 10.8
GRN 8.4 0.9
PUP 5.1 5.1
OTH 7.7 -8.5
Labor only got one-third of the primary vote. Two-thirds of Qld didn’t vote for them. Time for the LNP to dissociate back into 2 parties and to sponsor friendly "independents" to take advantage of the preferential system. The election was essentially the LNP against a coalition of 4 other groups.

An absolute classic. As usual , of course it is always a 2 horse race , for most on here and for the dopey voters. However, the cracks in the two's armour are growing.

My thoughts are that the Brisbane Courier Mail turned voters off the LNP by their 150% attack campaign against Labor .

How is it that the LNP sought public input concerning leasing of public assets and that was turned into selling it all off by Labor ?

I love this site. If someone wants to lift their spirits and have a giggle then just start reading the comments on these pages. Keep up the paranoia folks. I love youse all.

The voters of QLD and the nation have spoken. They have told us the don't care about debt and chaos as long as they can have government benefits and a myriad of other entitlements.

The bikies were all out with their patches in large groups of 100's yesterday on QLD roads yesterday.
Their sponsored Labor team won government and now organised crime is back to stay. The bikies and the drug dealers would like to express their sincere thanks to their union mates (some of them being bikies as well) and the Labormates for getting rid of the man who would have stopped organised crime.
So when your children become hooked on ice and throw their lives away, remember you voted for Labor and their gangs.

So leasing assets is not acceptable under LNP, but it is acceptable under Labor?
Shows how dumb QLD voters are. But of course the ALPBC, 7, 9, 10, SBS, Fairfax will praise Labor for such a wise decision to "lease" the assets instead of "sell" the assets.
I call that trickery.

457 Visa Truck Driver.

very funny Paul you are a talent! pretty good as a scribe also

Labor won by NOT having any policies, but they and ALL the minor parties asked everyone to put LNP last. The LNP had good policies but they failed to perform. In effect, they have left Labor to clean up their own mess. Already by this early morning news on ALPBC they are referring to ASSET LEASING - NOT Asset Sales, as they were stating up to last night's news bulletins. The media here will 'soften' the ignorant fcukwits who live in QLD (I do, but voted LNP) who voted for a no policy party to accept Asset Leasing so they can fund their 'new' policies. AND the people of Qld will accept that and make apologies for that action by palletofshcitt. We just have to wait until we can say to these ignoramus people, "I told you so" but by then it will be way too late.

OK to borrow this UTW so I can throw it at my sister who is a avid Labor voter?

Qld now run by Unions and Bikies.

Also the tattooist parlor vote, bet they are sweeping out the cobwebs right now & the Harleys outside Queensland have started engines.

I feel rather battered and bruised this morning too. As a Queenslander, I find it unimaginable that a monotone moron with no policies or plan and not an inkling of the GST rate is about to become Premier of this State. A few months ago I chortled Victoria again has the Government it deserved after the Labor victory down there and that corruption will reign unabated again. Well, with the assistance of the CFMEU, the same is about to occur in Queensland. The first sign will be the release of the bikies, the reopening of bikie controlled tattoo parlours, and bikie protection at cfmeu pickets .... Well Queensland .. You just got the Government you deserve .. Idiots.

I think Tony should Knight himself, then leave.

Perhaps Tony Abbott should hand the reigns of Government, and the $667 plus billion dollar debt to Bull Shitten telling Shitten, Labor created the mess Labor can sort it out. I suspect that is what Newman did with Queenslands $80 billion dollar debt.

Tony Abbott should do what he is best at, destroying peoples credibility. He destroyed Pauline Hanson, destroyed Rudd, destroyed Gillard and destroyed Rudd a second time. Abbot must set his sights on Bull Shitten and destroy any credibility that Shitten has left. Right now Shitten is destroying Abbott.

Classic. I love T.A. (big ears) running for his coit.

My apologies to the people of Queensland. Ore debt, more shonkey union deals. No pain, no gain? Queenslanders you will now have a creeping pain with no gain.