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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I have heard it said"dont get in the road of a republican if there is a vacancy near a Royal"

Okay guys; so Abbott handed an elite award to Phil and the skies open up. He also handed one to the skinny hypocrite Quentin Brice; and not even a whisper of contempt from the critical canyons of the ABC, the limp-wristed fog-mouths on breakfast telly; the empty loudmouths on radio; the bum-fodder magazines, and the dunces who claim to be ‘political commentators’. Brice uses the Dame name to gild her publicly-funded lifestyle, and to further her boofheaded son-in-law’s bid for The Lodge. Slag Abbott for not calling the Muslims out; not for Phil’s Knighthood. It’s over guys, let it go: we’ve got swags of real issues on the plate

Larry, love the wilting flowers, does that hint at the fading Royal House?

AW c'mon. Even we have tea in the kitchen sometimes.....

This is brilliant. Got to wonder if there really is a plan b to get rid of Chas if Liz kicks the bucket. These royals didn't get the throne for millennia by twiddling their thumbs. There be skullsugger afoot.

Love it. Many say he was the one to remove Diana, and if so, it could be a double act.

The barren drink driver, Cretin. Time for TA to be put in the funny farm.

Lets give Prince Andrew one as well...for services to children. Like father, like son. TA has lost it...time for julie or Scotty to take the helm and TA sent to the vatican as ambarrasador.

Love it!

Charles just like his ' Old Man ', pulls no punches. He has the attributes of a Leader. Poor bloody bastards in the public eye- they can only hope to please half of the people half of the time !! Who said that ?

Charles has always been an easy target. Larry surely knows that. He also surely knows that the POW will laugh at this most excellent portrait of life at court.

Were you really? or are you just pretending like so many bloggers.

Who knows? He may not have much longer. Well said Marigold

All things considered, I like Prince Charles, well ahead of times regarding organic gardening and politely told architects they were designing shit.

Charles said of a modern library “resembled an incinerator more suited to burning books than storing them”

Andy, enjoy being with Labia/Greens.

Very amusing Larry.... I'm not sure that you haven't stumbled onto something here; it could work y'know?

Don't be picky

Over the last five or six decades, the Duke of Ednburgh has over seen the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and thousands of young Australians have undertaken the strenuous activities, having many experiences, serving the community as first aid providers, life savers and many other activities which has elevated them into productive lives and leadership position.

It is through this award Australia and Austalians have received huge life and community changing benefits. As a result, Prince Phillip has been recognised. If anyone thinks it is inappropriate speak up and explain why?

You see folks, all the time we were thinking, "wonder what Tones will launch to save Australia after the new year"?...he was actually thinking...Mmmmmmm Philip...yes a Knighthood...who would possibly object....Brilliant...wait till they hear this one...