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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Only if they are under age!

Senile Dementia.....

As a Semi-Devout Christian, I find the Pope's comments about a hateful and non-forgiving "religion" totally at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Also, what is it with the concept of "72 Virgins"? What happens when they lose their virginity - do the Muslims just throw the used ones in the rubbish or what?

lucylastik - it amazes me that you can't see the connection between the pope and the ABC.

It amazes me that an article/cartoon about the pope can lead to a rant about the ABC.

Obsequious turd. Just a frock wearer with a silly hat sending cheerio calls to other frock wearers with silly hats. Pedophile protectors all of them.

He reminds me of Obama who hates America so much he is trying to change it. Francis seems not to be in favour of "turning the other cheek". We are in for interesting times.

Abrahamic Middle Eastern Religions...!!!!

Oh cripes Larry that is funny.

This pope is a member of the Jesuits - history's greatest agent provocateurs.

You just nail it time and again Larry.

Spot on UTW.


True Story. A widowed sister was/is having a "friendship" with a local priest for years, even at late as this past Christmas. Been going on for 30 years since her husband died. Fast forward to 5 years ago. I met a bloke who started telling me about his sister who had just passed away. The priest who took the funeral service had been shagging her for 30 years or more! What was his name I asked? Bernard Sxxxxx, he replied. Snap I said! Turns out dear Bernard has a long history of being moved from parish to parish after being found to be in relationships with local women. If people described Bernard, it was always "he looks gaunt and tired". Little wonder he was shagging himself silly, year in, year out. As Bernard lives I'll hold off on his surname. He's been banned from taking Masses.

This is another pope who sanctions marriage between priests and local women, mostly in South and Central America. It has been going on forever, priests were knocking up so many local women, so the popes said, look choose one and marry her. Then keep your wandering dick at home.

The Pedophilia is actually documented way back to 1000 years. About the same time as Boofhead married a six year old.

Don't forget to have a hissy fit and stamp your feet.

Frankie is making Willy Shortarse happy. He can send out his Union Thugs to beat up and disable any non-ALP/Union people, now with the popes blessing.

...and stop assuming the world agrees with their "tales".

Popie's been listening to Shake de Lady and Keysar Trad too much.