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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The Medicare rort has about 10 yrs before it is kaput, it's unsustainable in it's current form. Most doctor's, not all, are banging through the medicare charges very 10 minutes or so , as earlier stated, nearly all appointments with doctors result in referrals, X-ray's or pathology usually from institutions that they have a financial interest in and then a required return visit to the doctors only to be told everything is OK and to try these new tablets from the firm that pays for his annual oversea's medical conference (holiday). The AMA has got us all by the short and curly's.

Larry, I notice you are drawing Tony with his legs closer together these days. No balls to draw in anymore?

Comment on TV - I'll have to cut out going to the doctor if it is not really necessary. There lies the problem.

Pleb's hubby sold all his stash to Milton Orkopoulos, UTW so he could relax his kiddie rape victims. The rumors that Craig Thomson was being supplied by said trafficker are false. His sexual performance enhancing amphetamines were accessed through the dealers supplying the anal prostitutes he shared with Richo.

Tony should have allowed voluntary euthanasia and he wouldn't have these problems with the elderly .

I'm not a looser, a bludger and I don't have ourstretched hands. 1) I worked hard for so many years that my shoulders won;t stretch now, 2) don't want money from china. If I want money I'll earn it. 3) YOU can't read, I did say I voted for Abbott. I have voted LNP since John Howard. 4) I'm no labor troll. The only trolling I've done, like 36 was in the Noosa river and up the lakes. 5) I am a good listener and I took in every word but then the word meaning changed. Before the words are spoken all the facts should be clear and if it means bad news for us tell it as it is, don't tell us what he thinks we want to hear.

Stealing, ah the days we went to Adelaide City in the ute, parked, and the old man didn't even take the keys out of the ignition! We had a farm and went to the city leaving the back door open where Italians lived down the back would come for eggs. They knew the till was a few steps inside and that door was never opened, honesty has gone for ever.

The AMA is one of the most bloody minded unions going. What amazes me is the stupidity of the Government each time they release policy initiatives. They do not explain the benefits to the population. This allows bill shitten and his cronies to blow up all the imaginable negatives and make up scarer tactics with nary a whimper form the Government. Are they that stupid for not fighting back? Why allow the biased media a chance? Release the information firstly to the media who SUPPORT the Government and do that each and every time, ensuring they highlight the benefits to come and also some negatives but how to get around that. Are they losers?

Socialised medicine, socialised housing, socialised Aborigines, socialised retirement, socialised education. Are we so pathetic as to need help with everything. We are socialising ourselves to ruin and Abbott is right to begin the windback. If he fails we are Europe. If you can't afford insurance, get a job or a second one. I've got insurance but still must pay for the freeloaders who don't. We don't need nanny control if everyone in unison decides that stealing is wrong. Socialism destroys people.

I've heard of the average GP wondering how best to squirrel all the net-of-expenses earnings. Some have massive investment housing complexes. Some spend months on European holidays. Some spend Wednesday and Saturday on the golf course. $40billion a year to Healthcare, and that is not including the out-of-pocket gap costs to patients, and the AMA are pleading poverty????

This is an unfair cartoon. Of course the government will look after the genuinely sick and frail elderly. It's the shysters and the conmen we need to stop, like the 5 minute sickie notes after the hangover. Like the Muslim doctor DSP notes. And the doctors who had bleeding hearts for the patients over a $7 copayment, but who will not hesitate to smash all patients with a doctor's $20 extra fee for the 5 minute prescription consultation.

RumpHole is now a troll by his defention ;-)

1.3bn over four years that's going to have no effect on the deficit on current account presently at 43billion dollars.

A troll according to you is someone who does not agree with you, back in yor boat.

Ah, the "old person's" new found words, "trolls" Wonder if they do "selfies" too. Such a exciting part of life, the Autumn Years ;-) Just wish they'd use these words in a thinking way. No agreeance with them, they're "trolls" in fact "ALP/Greenwhatevertheyaint trolls" We are possibly more Conservative that they are.

So, every doctor across the land have their secretaries banging through the medicare charges very 5 minutes , swiping cards like there is no tomorrow, How many per hour per doctor? Say 10 ? Billions of dollars in debt each year while offering 5 minute medicine, nearly all appointments with doctors result referrals and pathology and then a return visit to the doc, only to be told in that next unnecessary one minute, blood test ok m stay on your tabs , Ker-ching, NEXT!

So, the Abbott govt comes up with the $7 co-payment, all political opposition say no, so media say no and even the docs didn’t support them when they should have. To all the doctors who are gouging the system and the taxpayers expense with over servicing, to all the patient/customers who visit the docs because they need a sickie day off or have an itchy arse or a BO disorder of their partner hates them and they are sad and want pills to fix it…and to all the scammers out there who need doc to verify that you are a bludger, you refuse to work and want some form of welfare and doc will let that happen because , who is he to judge if you are being truthful….So TA tries to balance a fix that might suit for all and work with the doctors , he gets the big F U from all sides…….and now he gives it right back to the doctors and says , No, I think I can safely say F You. You fix it.

And I think he’s right. It wouldn’t matter what the bloke came up with, he would be shouted down, Too many vested interests in wanting the system/trough to stay the way it is.

We don't have electro-care or plumber-care, so we pay much more for call outs, and the cost of the work required is on top of that. By comparison, a $20 surcharge for a doctor's visit seems perfectly reasonable. Also, if you think about it, the islamists are in-breeding like rabbits and the resultant need to visit doctors for possible deformities and long term treatments etc. is putting Medicare at breaking point. There is no such thing as a free lunch. User pays is my principle.

...hmmm I love the assumptions, why do people assume the worse?

Is it just a ploy to force the hand of the Labor Party - who caused the problem in the first place ????

Why so, wise? Hoping you're not another loser with hand outstretched for borrowed money from China that my kids will inherit with interest. Apologies if I misunderstood and you are not a common thief.