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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



It will turn up disguise IF it hasn't already.<:o)

MH370 will be found on land, no trace at sea.

I totally agree Patterson! 'kochie' is an oxygen-thief and a full blown pretentious masturbater for the media masses. He should be charged for malicious misuse and desecration of ANZAC DAY when he and Ch7 hijack Currumbin Beach every year on 25th April and turns it into a rock concert. He is a disgrace. An arse clown!

Ring up Kerry Stokes and demand Kochie gets canned or else .

Not being a lover of morning TV, I did however watch this one eyed prick one morning, an obvious mistake I will not be repeating. How he holds his position on a National TV Show is nothing short of amazing. Ch 7 needs a swift kick up the kyber for letting this moron on TV. He would be right at home on the ABC current affairs. Another channel I don't watch.

I gave up watching him two years ago so will take the word of everyone here that he has descended further. If the ABC mentality is creeping into commercial television best the management take a good hard look. I've given up Skynews for that reason too. TV for me now consists of the tennis and re-runs of Monk and Columbo. Take note all advertisers, looks like you are wasting your money. Insist that these lefties be gotten rid of.

Have they finally found and resurrected MH370 Larry?

What did you expect from Port Adelaide Ahole?

I used to watch 7 in the morning, not anymore for a while now.

From the little I've seen most morning news programs are a poor mix of "Reality" TV and advertorial. Why would you spoil your whole day by watching it. There are better ways to get the weather unless getting it from a dolly bird is important to you.

In technical language , the lifting platform is' on the piss'.

The shirts he wears turn my TV inside out.

You are right, patterson. Beats me how that prancing ponce and the rest of the Marxist mob get away with it. One thing - the more they bang on about the conservatives the more I like the conservatives.

I won't watch the egocentric wanker. Nor the goose on the other channel on the panel of women. Hildebrand? Awful stuff.

Patterson, I hope you achieve success with this email to Ch7. I don't watch Kotchie. It is not his place to air his prejudices to ch 7 audience. It is bad enough that our tax payer funded ABC, the propaganda arm of what masquerades these days as the labor party generally airs it's non stop anti Abbott crap.

Pingggg Ping.

some one posted on LAZZA,S that he,s a bankrupt 2 is this fairdinkum??

Port Adelaide Douche Bag....

Umm the UN is controlled by OPEC, Didn't Ishtar realise that? Mind you I have no time for US imperialism anyway but..

Today: "A snapped rope has delayed the recovery of two bodies from a plane that crashed into deep waters in south-east Tasmania."