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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



One set each for our Liebor /Greens / Coalition leaders .. They are all linked

Revival of the Ottoman empire, phase ll

Islam is terrorism....14th century uncivilised fuckers...thanks for letting them in Labor...the 50,000 back doorers and the 100000 visa overstayers.

we should underestimate the threat to our society that is coming from islam, its is real, dangerous and destructive. we ignore it at our peril.

Unlikely - blacksmithing is a tricky business - a muzzie couldn't do it.

Islam is now into S and M wow

what allah means: we should destroy all other cultures and their peoples and grab their assets for islam.

Wish Allah would tell them all to grow up and behave themselves - they use Allah for every excuse to use and abuse - some god!

The mainstream media can justifiably take some credit for the death of two cops (one Asian and the other Hispanic) in New York. Thanks to wildly unbalanced reporting that amounted to despicable and deliberate misrepresentation the media moguls managed to fuel the fires of racial tension in an already divided nation and engender enormous hostility leading to looting, violence and death. If they had exercised a measure of objective responsibility and told the entire story in the correct context there is a good chance both sides of the divide would have seen fit to react to these events with some moderation but the bullshitters with the bullhorns clearly preferred a blatantly one-sided narrative that they knew would ruin the lives of thousands but cared little as long as they had a good story to tell. And on to the bandwagon leaped New York Mayor De Blasio who all but followed the media make-believe and declared himself similarly of the opinion that European-American cops were far too belligerent on the beat when dealing with African-Americans. It was a like-minded man who decided to follow through and kill a couple of cops to help settle the score.

Talking of migrants thousands of impoverished Africans continue to spill into southern Europe straining support systems, and drastically altering the demographics in some metros which is causing enormous resentment among the natives. It appears there is no end in sight to the problem and social upheaval seems likely in the not too distant future. It strikes us as strange that Africans going into Europe are championed by the media but when Europeans want to go to Africa they are called colonialists and told to get the hell out of the place before they start oppressing someone just by being there. And bear in mind, unlike the Africans going north the Europeans wanting to head south often take with them skills and capital. They are not looking to plug into any welfare systems because, apart from South Africa, there are none to leech off. And given half a chance, if enough Europeans were allowed back into Africa, they would doubtless bring stimulation to those economies, creating jobs as they go and an incentive for Africans to stay home. For many of the refugees going into Europe the UK is their ultimate goal. There we note a recent report indicates over six million Britons are undernourished because they are too poor to afford a healthy diet. Something has to snap soon and it may not be pretty.

No doubt a Government hand out for Muslim self-improvement and employment has funded the forge and the purchase of metal supplies - is that a Centrelink cheque I see hanging out of his pocket?

Unfortunately the goat humpers have little idea of forging links to other cultures, as depicted above. If they had a miniscule of a brain, they would realize Australia has been forging the links ever since it came in to existence.. After 1400 years , the goat humpers have yet to forge a link with anyone......which will eventually lead to their demise.

Very good Larrikin.

Allah SAID ( and that's where the trouble started)
......I don't think big Al said that ...did he, could he, as a made up being?
Coz....Al doesn't exist, except in the minds of those black sheep who crave for following a belief.

LP. Keep at it. I cannot believe how many Australians stick their head in the sand.

The culture of welfare dependency is now the latest high growth industry , reliant on the diminishing workers that fund it.