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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



That should have come with a warning!!!! Hell, I feel sick

alpinist ....Lot of them - I don't think Flysa would be impressed though.(lol)

Hallo Boongs! Another Dumb idea from Tony, a Trillion Dollar Charity Bucket, with a frigging great hole in the bottom. Scrap it! Like PPL Scrap it!

Legislation recently passed in the NT, any govt contract more than $500,000 must have 10% aboriginal ownership. Strange, there was already compulsory aboriginal worker participation. Strange a socialist policy from a conservative govt. Perhaps some federal goading with some conditional funding behind the scenes. The looming recognition referendum , is there a connection? How long does it stay at 10%? Or with the recent sale of John Holland to the Chinese govt meaning the direct loss of thousands of jobs to Chinese workers on the Gorgon gas project it could be a back door for a craven Aust govt to stand behind the racist card. Will china want to be tagged racist? Maybe perhaps. Time will tell.


Faarrk Larry, what a turn-off. Has she not heard of Brazil. . . and her hand is about to suss out the size of Abbotts package. . .

looks like she going the grope

Good one. AFAIK, no tribe anywhere has recognized her either, so she must be the last Tasmanian Aborigine, LOL!

Larry you are a star! I love your blogs and share your sentiments. Your latest cartoon of the "famous" Jacqui is terriffic. I have loved your work ever since I first bought your annual which starred Ronald Reagan packing his huge pistol and included the Dook of Edinburgh looking a trifle shy with his miniscule effort.

Jackarse Lumpy? This is a Creature. It is NOT human. The Daleks would know what to do....Extermiate.......extermiate.....

You know Larry, there's just something quintessentially Tasmanian about Jacqui and you so managed to capture that Tasmanian essence. What in heaven's name made the handful of Tasmanians that voted for PUP think this creature was worth electing to represent them. Stark, raving bonkers - all of them....

And on that note - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Larry and folks on this site.

Tony about to get the size test

Gawd. After looking at that cartoon, I find myself wishing she was muslim and wearing a burqa.

Some oldies until Facebook ban lifted in the new year