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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Up the Worker yes Professor, Doctor Juliar who had "full and complete confidence" in the lying, thieving Labor crook and fellow bent solicitor Craig Thomson has yet been given another plaudit she has been invited to be a Board Member of Beyond Blue (I expect a paid position) by Jeff Whacko Kennett.
This is one of the very people that I believe have me taking Pristique for my depression!
It is very similar to the situation the poor lady who has alleged that she was raped by our alternate Prime Minister Bull Shitten, that is we see our tormentors being lauded and praised for their ability to commit crimes and not only walk away scott free but with the Public paying their way and getting top ups from publicly funded organisations like Beyond Blue.
I will wait for Mr Thomson and Mr Williamson both to be honoured with Doctorates by some loony leftard Universities and offered Board Membership (paid of course) to esteemed organisations such as Beyond Blue in the future.
The message young folk out there wondering about your future become a Lawyer, then a union thug sorry leader, then a politician and do the crime and never do the time or give the money back! The Left lawyers and corrupt left Judiciary will protect you, no wonder our youth of today have little respect for law and order what example have they got Julia?
I would urge every thinking honest person out there do not donate to Beyond Blue or Movember in the future you will only be feathering Juliar’s and Piggy Howes nests, they already have enough of our money don’t give them anymore!
Oh and I love Jeff Kennett’s excuses to Michael Smith about why she was the right person for the job, her Dad was a mental nurse and she did so much for mental Illness in Australia.
My Dad was a Nuclear Physicist does that make me a Scientist? No F*&ng way you village idiot Kennett!
Oh but you got the second bit correct Juliar did so much for mental Illness in Australia causing millions to lose their jobs and turning their lives upside down so that they are all suffering Mental Health Issues Jeff you nailed that one fuc^^^^t.
Just to bring my rant back to reality let’s look what Juliar did for mental health before she became a Politician, mmmm Communist, Unionist, lawyer, embezzler, liar, assassin nope no work for the needy no membership of the Girl Guides, Bushfire Brigade, Local Surf Club, Lions or Rotary wow what a community mind citizen?

Greg James QC for PM. I bet this guy could work out how to get the frigging Multinationals to pay tax in Oz. Do it in his sleep. Hockey can't. Too hard. Excuses excuses excuses.

Putin has just been announced as Russia's man-of-the-year for 2014. He has been awarded this title each and every year for the past 15 straight years!!! How good is he . . .

Ged Kearney has just stated on ABC24 that Abbott owes Gillard an apology over dragging Gillard thru the Royal Commission. I feel so depressed that I should really phone Beyondblue however, I am concerned that Gillard might answer my phone call.

I wonder about the intellect of Greg James QC, and many others. He couldn't seriously put that argument, and I emailed it to a lawyer friend...she didn't reply.

Shortarse and Sleazy dressed in Drag?

How's this: A certain Dame with powerful influence over the 'done-rootin' members of the senior judiciary knows that if Craigie blows what he knows about her boofhead son-in-law, the shiz will hit the fan. So she bargains: She uses her influence to make sure Craigie walks free and his mouth stays shut. Just a theory of course; just a theory.

Was the case heard in Victoria? If so, know wonder he got off. I can't believe this. These creeps are getting away with everything. Is it that hard to be honest? Should we all turn into Crims? This country is going down a huge sewer. The Muslims only have to stand back and wait for us to implode. We are critical of their back handers with money. Yet look at the Labor mob. I am disgusted.

How did this bloke get off from the charges? Another joke from the judicial system.

Funny how this was reversed on a technicality. Makes me sick. The grubs are all getting away with it. I noted that Williamson's mistress (former HSU procurement officer) has been ordered to pay back $4 million as well - but has said she is now bankrupt like Michael W was. So she can't. Ah well - slap on the wrist. Meanwhile the rest of us - IF we stole from anyone we would be banged up in an instant.

I wonder if he will have to pay back the legal-fees paid by the NSW Labor Party workers union-fees to defend his defamation proceedings against SMH so as to enable him to hold his parliamentary seat to prop-up the Gillard Gov't.

Now he has been only fined she should pack up and leave the maggot. What is the bet he gets a nice job somewhere with low exposure.

I don't know what Larry did but I agree wholeheartedly with it.

Facebook has it's head up it's arse, as usual, which is why I don't use it.

aa, too clever by half ha ha ha

ha ha ha - clever AA

The one in blue could sit oh his face ....for us.

Mummy doesn't even look canky .....yet. Hope th little skid mark gets it .

The fine is a joke. Goal the leech. Put him in a cell with Mohammed Bubba. That should help him get his jollies off.

Some oldies until Facebook ban lifted in a week