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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



And we voted for him????

All of them being hung from lamp posts in Martin Place is alright by me.

Hey Tone! Do yourself and Australia a BIG favour. Step into the REAL World asap!


Excellent Paul, cannot see the wood for the trees, in complete denial.

At least they should be removed from office for dereliction of duty that they failed in their duty of care .

Who do judges answer to ?

The do-gooder, leftist, man-of-law lets the no-good, terrorist, man-of-war loose on the unsuspecting innocent; BUT, says the man-of-law, the man-of-war has to report to the police each and every day - that will contain him.

If metadata is public comment, and I really don't understand the term in this context; but if it is public comment - record this you weak bunch of self effacing wankers, we the people are pissed off at your incompetent handling of this growing islam problem. FFS do something even if it is only to resign!

BlackRoo you are killing me, I am pissing myself laughing at your comments! On a more serious note what bothers me is how did this guy with his Islamic Headband, blue bag with shotgun get to the café, he surely didn't use Public Transport or we would have had numerous accounts of people reported as seeing this guy on his way to the café, it stands to reason that someone or some group of people took him to the café by car and dropped him off to do his business. Some witnesses said that when he entered there was more than one person with him? Did his lovely and delightful admitted Terrorist Wife take him down the shops? Why is she not in custody or at least being questioned over any part she took in this evil act? Water Boarding comes to mind!

Its odd that the Prime Minister can ask the same questions as others on this site why this person was still on the streets and why the magistrates allowed it. He should have consulted DJT, he'd then understand why; what a dim wit Abbott is.

depressingly agreed.

When the left took control of the law society here and then the judiciary, they and the leftist psychiatrists have helped to release hundreds if not thousands of violent animals(not all Muslim) in the name of personal liberty. Just how many of these have re-offended we will never know as IMO the stats cannot be released as there no way that they can be "handled" to make them all look good and even the leftists who will try to do this are not game to do so.

We as a people have forgotten that crime is supposed to be punished not rehabilitated,that criminals are perpetrators not victims.There is a long line of people who have some responsibilty for that miserable sod walking our streets instead of being in prison.In future I hope our police/security services have learned a vital lesson...take the first shot!..Be the instigator of the action and not the retaliator,if you are retaliating to an action it is generally too late.

Well look at that, his lawyers have already left the court to go and find their next meal ticket. Thanks heaps for arguing the cases of all those illegal entrants. Persecution indeed.

Who is going to be brave/honest/unbiased/stupid enough, to head en effective and above all, open enquiry into the judiciary? A retired judge perhaps. An active QC? I don't think so. They look after their own. Just like doctors and especially politicians.

We also need an urgent inquiry into the judiciary.

good one. even the metadata is useless if the courts won't convict.

Send the Muslims back to where they came from by Camel Class air fare.

Spot on. I want this on a T-shirt.