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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



You're smart to keep out of it. Green cons can reduce the value of your land.

I worked for many years in private enterprise in the environmental management area. All private businesses understand that it is a recipe for disaster to have an environmentalist as your environmental manager. Hunt will continue with our economic destruction at the hands of the greenies

They were thieves then and they are thieves now Kevin. We don't have a disagreement there.

I already pay zero to telstra. They screwed me over in the 1980's. They sent me a tripled size phone bill ( $900) and when I challenged I was unsuccessful. However a fellow I knew who worked for telstra told me there had been glitch and hundreds of people received triple phone bills. As far as I am concerned, they are thieves. I think it was called telecom in those days.

Kevin, you are probably a nice bloke. Enjoy your Skype. Try paying Zero to Telstra and see how long your Skype will work for. I don't think you took in much of what I wrote. But that's OK. Cheers.

Dante. My skype is a bonus. Everyone with an Internet plan has skype ability, at no extra cost. I disconnected my phone line and went wifi because the plan is cheaper than monthly phone line rental and phone calls. Instead I get broadband wifi internet with skype and free local calls with free Skype for international calls. How much money does Telstra get? Zero. This is the way of technology and Telstra would have gone down the gurgler under government control.

Kevin. Telecom/Telstra was ours. We paid for it through our taxes. The Government owned it on our behalf. Why did we have to buy shares in it? It was ours, it got sold to mum and dad shareholders as well as Superranuation funds, Invetsors, Fund Managers and overseas buyers. It got turned into a Public Company. Phone calls were dear because it was a monopoly and the Government could charge us whatever they wanted even though it was our Company. When mobile phones came in and competition was introduced with mainly Optus, Vodafone, OneTel and Hutchison, then resellers, the market went ballistic. These Companies had a licence to print money and not only did Telstra benefit from sale of home phones and mobiles, but they were allowed to Charge all these other carriers buckets and buckets of money in rental of Mobile Phone Tower space, cable ducts under the ground and Exchange space. So Telstra became and still is very very profitable. The call charges these days are cheaper because of competition and just think, all the infrastructure is in place and people use computers and mobile phones 24/7. You can Skype Germany for free because it is computer to computer. But it is not really free, you pay for a plan every month which includes the data . But it is a very good thing. I was in the game. Cheers.

Dante, it still is our Telstra, if you bought shares. Governments should never be in the business of competing against private enterprise. The phone service was run by the government when it was expensive and not profitable. With technological breakthrough, private enterprise entered and phone calls and communication has never been cheaper. I remember to ring home cost me 60 cents for three minutes. I was only earning $31.50 a week. With other carriers and the Internet, they sold before technology reduced its value even further. I can skype Germany for free. T

Why do we ALL have this stupid Santa hat and burka?????

Worker, you forgot the Great Barrier Reef being dead. The Greens are all over that too. I think that somebody pisses at Ayers Rock that will eventually Kill the GBR , unless obummer gets there first

mrgg. The Political system is set up so we vote for one party or the other party then whoever gets in does whatever it is they want for 3 years and then we do it again. They can buy as many jet aeroplanes as they want and from whoever they want, they can fiddle with pensions, petrol levies ot tax or stamp duty or whatever they want to call it. The can sell our banks, gas companies, electricity companies, schools, roads and anything else we paid for with oor taxes. They sold our Telstra and put the money in the FUTURE fund for their retirements and we have no no no say . Tell me where I'm F%#&*n wrong.

who will receive the strap on now, Bishop or Gredlin….

Larry, what's going on? I read that the Earth's temperature hasn't increased in 15 years, yet every day I hear on ABC radio that pundits are saying that we have to introduce measures to stop Global warming as a matter of extreme urgency or we'll all be 'rooned'. I'd like to know how they reckon the joint's warming, when I look back on my 70 plus years in Oz, and I still remember extremely hot weather back then. I strongly suspect that someone is pulling my leg. Could they please pull the other one.

That dough would have helped a lot of Farmers to move to irrigated land !! Shades of the Gillard wasted millions/ sorry billions !!

FFS! IT is NOT 'The Government's Money' these bastards keep playing Monoply with !? IT IS the hard working, non-bludging, tax paying worker's and business's tax paid monies. STOP WASTING OUR F.....G MONEY !! u lieing cheating dick heads!!

I already have. Now be a man and tell us your version of events. It is my experience that when I ask for proof or your version, I am given some vague reply of go and research. This indicate to me you know I am right. The facts I stated have been in the print media, Pickering Post and electronic media. Now if you have a credible source of different facts, put up or shut up.

Helloooooo. Technologyeditor. Where are you?

Technology editor. Please enlighten me. Where am I factually wrong? I and the rest of us would be happy to learn the facts from your point of view. Of course no doubt Rudd, Gillard and Whitlam are heroes in your eyes.

We are in trouble !!!!

Perfect LP ..... you have Hunt pegged ....