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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Well said.

I have to ask how is this different from Joe Bloggs, a forklift driver, heading off to work, and is involved in an industrial accident, is killed, and doesn't go home. Sure the death of any young person is sad, but really.....this has been over the top. Each of the batsmen struggled at 63 because that's what Hughes was on when he was flattened. Be serious.....PLEASE!!!

mr bruce, my son played club cricket from the age of ten until he was fifteen. His club and several opposing clubs had bowlers who bowled fast as well as short. Still. on concrete wickets there was probably less tendency for the ball to dig in and rise to head height.

I hope I'm not around when one of his rellys falls off the perch.

spare a thought for the Indian team who have been sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting till every ounce has been squeezed out of the tragedy and when the Australian team says it is ready well you had better be ready to play - I will not watch or listen to the test - am recording the news so that I can fast forward through cricket stories

None of the 41 Fallen in Afghanistan received a smidgen of this adulation.

I'm inclined to agree. What has made me pissed is Clarke manipulation of the whole affair for his own selfish needs. Especially now after succumbing to injury- Captain Courageous WTF!!

It was tragic but now it has become so over the top that I have tuned out altogether. Won't watch the cricket again until it has finally been laid to rest.

Nice cartoon Paul.

Just on the organ donation aspect, I reckon it could be fixed almost instantly by simply removing the family's right to overturn the wish of the person that dies. 99% of people I know have ticked the box on their drivers license saying they wish to donate organs. How many of those wishes are overturned ?

Bugga all said about the Israeli umpire:

No Skeptik..You are the dickhead. GreyZeke is right. Your very language shows that you have no class. These ESN elitists get away with far too much, they are paid way beyond the value of their very limited skill sets. So called 'professional" sport has to called to account

It's a wonder the Murdoch Press didn't have a souvenir lift out like they did after 9/11 .

Easy fellas, I drew the bloody thing the day after Hughes died. Larry wanted to wait until the test to run it. Blame Lazza, I'm just the piano player.

I agree, to all comments here, FFS, Salter in particular and the rest of Channel 9 team, you are ghouls, Fuck Off and let Phil Rest In Peace! I'am sure that the Hughes family can see how much the public outpouring of emotion and support is without you guys cheapening it!

the whole episode has been about Clarke.

Other than he played cricket , what difference is he to anyone else who has died at work ?What makes him so special ?

More about Phil. ENOUGH!! Jesus give us a break. Let it go. There was a girl killed in WA by a hockey puck to the head the day before him. No mention of her!!! No public outpouring. Stuff the media and its excesses. No more Paul. Move on.

Surely the best way to honour Hughes would to be to initiate a fund for country boys who show aptitude for cricket to be given a scholarship to the sports academy in his name and stop all the wasted money on flowers, bats and other rubbish that seems to be ongoing. His parents declining a state memorial service is a good start to the end of the fiasco. PS Santa/burka is not mine .

Piss off you dickhead