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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Mr Bruce....thank you for a lovely mental image!!

Looks like a little "Palmer"

Who's pushing the PPL, Abbott or Credlin? Anybody heard what Morrison or Julie B think of the deal?

Spot on!

The longer the captain of "Team Stupid" hangs onto this ridiculous scheme, the longer he will be out in the wilderness when it all comes crashing down around his ears!
Definately the best PM that the ALP/Greens have ever had!

A picture says a thousand words, and this is a perfect example, Paul.

Mavis-t you nailed it, work hard get penalised, sit back and get rewarded. That's why our middle eastern friends love this place.

I am glad you didn't let go altogether, very subtle

Imbecile! This scheme was a lemon from the word go! It's not PRO-family, it's ANTI-family! Why? Because it encourages women NOT to stay at home with their children where they belong, financial circumstances allowing. Women USED to be regarded as the nurturers and the vital presence in the home while their husbands went out and earned the dough to keep them. Unfortunately, with the advent of extremist feminism (feminaziism), many women have been brain-washed into believing that they are not "complete" unless they have a career. Excuse me?! I always thought that motherhood was THE most treasured career that most women could have, because NOTHING is more important than raising our children with liberal doses of love, mixed with discipline: and there is NO substitute for a mother in this role

The polls suggest that grim news and its because of crisis one moment then profligate spending the next

"if there is no money for vital government services and functions," is a great misreading ask Joe ...

about time a lot of thick aussies wake up and have a look around ... had to go to fremantle last week ... came back down south through rockingham, mandurah ... the number of business buildings that are now empty and fenced off .. incredible .. knew it would take about four years to try and get the country back in orderm, but now believe it is going to be a lot longer ... thanks bloody labor .. you should never be given an unlimited credit card for this country .. you puckin idiots ...

It is wrong to say we are bankrupt, still Tony is doing very little to payoff the debt, this PPL is just one example.

Exactly my sentiments Jack.

Two heads has children?? That's horrifying.

The constant flow of polls puzzle me. The results seem remarkably steady, which leads to wonder if the same people are asked…what?
I never see the actual questions, are they always the same? How are they couched?
Who is asked? What is the individual and collective understanding of Politics? What is their econon/social standing? Are they randomly picked, or do they apply to participate?
It is blindingly obvious that without knowing in detail the constitution of the Polled, the outcome is absolutely useless. Moreover it has to be suspected of malicious manipulation.

Another real concern is this; half the population ( by definition) is below average intelligence.
If the Polled are aware of the results of preceding Polls, how many are already influenced? They see how they think the land lies, so, not wishing to be seen to be dumb, follow the Herd. In doing so they demonstrate their innate dumbness.
Self fulfilling prophesies I think.
But we will never know will we?

Spot on Paul and like many of the comments if this scheme is too costly to tax payers why should Public Servants have the same scheme Joe Cut it, oh if you have the testes for it!

TA should drop his PPL, on the condition that the Commonwealth Public Service scheme is aligned with those who would have benefited by the PPL. Six months of fully paid leave is far too generous. All or none.

The Public Service have a PPL so why not the private sector however its about the funding and also its limited to only working mothers what about the ones who are at home raising their children and not on the public purse. They fund themselves with no childcare only the family allowance now unless all women are included then Tony needs to put it on the back burner and get Australian economy back on track then look at the PPL then.