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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Bit surprised to see mum and dad with jamas and nightie. I would have thought it would be a starkers balls-and-all parade. Dad too.

Larissa Waters should be banned from breeding as she's lowering the IQ Gene Pool.

Christmas comes early in Afghanistan. Or maybe it was Thanksgiving. Whatever it was, the first thought I had after reading this article was "Holy F***!" - At least some folks still have their priorities right.

As if we don't already have enough confused people with gender bender 'problems'( that ultimately cost the Tax Payers!?) Now we really have ' A boy named Sue' ( Credits Johnny Cash ! ) and a girl named Jack and Joe and Mick etc . Crew cuts all around and girls wearing the shorts down around their dearies!

Lets get John Williams to write a song !Rupert McCall and Pam Ayres to do a ditty / poem about the nut case's neutral gender everything !? Should be very entertaining !

Metrobogan Christmas.

Michael, Campbell Newman & the LNP have chased the tattooed drug makers, crooks & con men back home to NSW & VIC.


Waters is not stupid when it comes to spending (wasting) taxpayers money.

Greenie maggots!

Pyne said Wong.
Sales said Wang
Wang told Sales you are wrong.
Sales said wrong about Wong?
Sales asked are you sure you are Wong cause I am never wrong.
Wong said you are wrong.
Sales said I will have to apologise to Pyne for being wrong about Wong and . . . oh, sorry, now it has become a fairy tale.

I sent a complaint to the abc about L Sales

After the heroic work of presenter Leigh Sales in her aggressive put-down of Education Minister Christopher Pyne in accusing him of not being a "good" minister and letting down the team, she then went on to laughingly put him down again for his pronunciation of Dio Wang, accusing him of mispronunciation. It was a wonderful "gotcha" moment for presenter Sales, until an interview she did with Dio, when he agreed with the Education Minister that his correct pronunciation was indeed WONG. SO when will the apology come?? 5 seconds before the end of tonight's programme? The Education Minister has shown up the presenter's spite and malice for what it was, pure spite, and he has had the last laugh.

The stereotypical babbling greens display the dangers of too much peroxide in an effort to be noticed.

Great cartoon, Paul. Spot on.

OFF TOPIC - - -Jacqui Lambie interrupts Senate tributes to Phillip Hughes to talk about defence pay bill. She has interrupted Senate tributes for cricketer Phillip Hughes in a bid to force a rushed debate on her private bill to raise defence force pay. In an attempt to hijack the government’s agenda in the final days of the parliamentary year, Senator Lambie cut short a move to honour the young cricketer who died last week. Her move also coincided with his funeral in his hometown of Macksville. After a few moments of confusion, the Senate agreed to finalise its tributes to Hughes with a minute’s silence. - - - Yes, Lambie is very OFF - a brainless bogan bitch.

Sick and twisted more like DJT. Ha ha

Michel, I lay a bet that the "con men" you are referring to came to Qld from other states. at we had the good sense to get rid of the upper house in 1926, something that is the biggest blight on our political system.

No Coalition Government is ever going to have a "friendly" Senate in the foreseeable future, due to the crazy distribution of representation between the States and Territories and the even more crazy way that Senate votes are counted. Idiotic mobs like The Greens, PUP and others including some Independents will gang up with Labor to railroad any legislation put forward by a Conservative Government that represents a way forward or that may be "unpleasant" to the minority. The further this current Federal Government goes the less we will achieve in reducing our debt. Sadly a Double Dissolution is not the answer due to the aforementioned Senate. Australia, like Victoria and probably Queensland is headed for some disastrous times with mountainous unserviceable debt the only likely outcome.

Message to the FITH Greens - I played cowboys and Indians, pirates, and soldiers, and, Surprise! Surprise!! - I have not killed anybody, never been in gaol, never had to attend court. Let kids be kids and stop trying to feed them your twisted ideology crap. ( FITH = Fucked In The Head)

DJT, it doesn't just help, it is mandatory!