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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



What a c***sucker shorton intelligence is. The unions have him wrapped around their little fingers, and he's too stupid to know what's going on. he wouldn't know if his ar$e was punched, bored or drilled.

the idiot scribbler called Stephenson

there is an idiot scribbler on here who likes to fill comment with blank entries, a fair indication of the void located between his or her ears.

Mr Bruce do not count Baird's Chickens yet, he is facing a similar problem as Tony lack of direction, wait till you guys find out Baird is planning a Carbon Tax on vehicle Emissions in NSW, yep a NSW LNP Carbon Tax!!! Tony how embarrassment??? NSW suckers again!

I'm right with you alpinist! Why has Billy Dick Shortens nasty paedophile/rapist past been quietly dropped?

So right Pal. Usually there is a shunt to flush the excess out. Guess the shunt isn't working...

The Christmas burqa has taken over Larry's site, and it's even on Paul's cartoon comments, unless it's only me who sees it?

I thought Abbott was Sylvester the Cat, with Abbotts head.

nogoa, I think you are wrong there. A Hydrocephalus or Waterhead has - as it says - water on the brain but this man has shit on the brain.

What! No gravy?

Beaconsfield Bill to the rescue. Everyone else does the work, 'Snarly Lip' claims the limelight.

I have seen this somewhere - Doesn't Sylvester the cat take a potion that turns him into a monster?

does that look like a monkey foot??? your powers of observation matches you sense of political selection...

you deleted your post lol

solves that problem

It is called Hydrocephalus..Water on the brain.

dante i think you read the trolls post wrong, he wants TA fucked up by the rapist, wont happen though.

I loved that cartoon when I was a kid. ( Chester And Spike ) .. It`s even better now..

That Equaliser reminds me, I say reminds me, of Paul Revere's ride - a little light in the belfry . . .

mother tried to strangle at birth grabbed him too high.