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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Victorians lead the way in stupid , it seems...

Watch the corruption and fall of our gorgeous Victoria now. People were sucked in like they were with Rudd and his five fat fingers pointing out interest rates had risen 5 times!! The public are so gullible - and now we have to suffer a union backed government in Victoria - won't be anything left in 3 years - mark my words. Seen it all before with labor - and those in uniforms lobbying - on our taxpayer money?? Shouldn't they have been at work?

Good Point mcj! I bet you are correct

typical leftoid leave the bar before they have to buy their round.

Thanks Herm├Ęs for your contribution. Did the majority of those 51,000 illegal middle eastern boat people who arrived during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd watch, and who are responsible for a huge increase in the birthrate, end up in Victoria? Do they account for this increase in population heading for Melbourne and surrounds? Remember a vote for Labor is a vote for Islam.

Hey where did you hear that about Gillard paying Chn 7? I know Koch is a big fan of Krudd and Labor!

yeah but what work can they do? not very much. Further he has decided to wipe out 7000 construction jobs on the tunnel.

I can understand your sentiment. Unfortunately I am stuck here for family considerations, otherwise I'd be on my way to Queensland.

Margaret Thatcher was quite generous with this assessment because there are a lot more problems with socialism. But today we say welcome to the Socialist Republic of Victoria.

The Unions and their past bosses who are now safely ensconced into parliament seats have sold this country, and the workers they are supposed to look after, right down the gurgler. Take a look anywhere that is not funded by the taxpayer (public servants,etc) where the workforce is totally unionised and it will show a decline in profits and productivity. Private companies have outsmarted the unions, they pay-lip service to them to appease them and then pass on the extra-costs associated with this appeasement to us the poor punters. Most of the union-warlords are modern day "Chardonnay Socialists" sprouting "solidarity forever" while living high on the hog on union fees from low-paid workers, eating at high class restaurants, flying first-class and members of exclusive executive clubs.

the construction gravey train may be nearing the end of its ride. future construction will be dependent on Chinese investment and the Chinese will insist on Chinese hours and Chinese wages ( 12hr day/7days/no extras ), this is already happening in Africa and Europe, so wont be long here.

God help Australia. The socialist unwashed riff raff have stolen Victoria, or more correctly were given it by an insipid Liberal party who was too scared by the PC brigade in its own ranks to attack labor on its numerous short comings. I have noted these nervous nellies at Liberal party meetings who plead to be considerate and caring when dealing with the opposition. These wimps belong in the greens where poofy huggie kissie is all the rage. Abbott is under their spell as well, as the attack dog image from opposition has been crafted into a nice guy who is out to please all. You can not please the loony left so why waste time trying? Slash and burn your way to curing the mess labor left. An especially good start would be the ALPBC and the halal racket, but this might upset some lefties?

Calling the knuckle heads Mexicans is an insult to Mexico .The Mexicans there are so much smarter .But then Victorians ave always been weird just take a look at their politicians .To me they are running third in the dumb polly stakes behind SA closely followed by Tas that is a nose in front of Vic.

Well apart from being completely sport mad, Victorian's (or at least those who voted) showed unequivocally that they have the memory retention of a Gnat. They just can't get past what is happening in Canberra due mainly to a hostile Senate and are prepared to once again bankrupt their State to highlight their stupidity. Labor and the unanswerable Unions will once again run riot in Victoria. They should change their number plate moto's from Victoria The Garden State to Victoria the State for Corruption. What a bunch of boofheads!

Victoria is rooted.

Summed up nicely Larry.

It just shows you what a bunch of uninformed morons live in this country. Always felt a little sorry for the Victorians but now they show they do not deserve it. You would think that some idea of the dishonesty and corruption in unions would filter down . But then you look at the teachers, health workers and public service unions and you know why: "you can't sack me I'm part of the union" is still sung in far too many places.

How can Labor claim victory when there is still 1.1 million votes to count?

Larry, your Blue-Collar worker will be able to get a job in Victoria post the election as the CFMEU will be running on "milk and honey" now that Dan the bag-man is in charge of the surplus that the coalition left him. (watch the surplus disappear faster than you can say Rudd/Gillard/Rudd)

Hohoho ...