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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



David Johnston stated the truth although he has obviously hurt some precious F'en people. . .

she sure bloody did! And got away with it - everything is coming to the surface now tho! She will be hated more, if that is at all possible!

Johnson was WRONG. Of course the ASC is capable of making a canoe; a row boat too....and a reasonable sized yacht. What it is NOT capable of making is seaworthy capital ships at the rate that their competitors can . This I believe is 4000man hours per ton, and the ASC uses twice.that.

But the fact still remains, that the Collins was signed off by the Labor party, in collusion with the SSDP.

I disagree totally with this cartoon. Johnston has done something very unusual for a politician - he's spoken the unpalatable truth. The way the Liberal leadership has insisted he retract that truth is reprehensible. What a sad society we have become in that we will not accept the truth when it is presented to us..

We know the Frenemy in charge of the ABC mess IS just a big mouth

Like the ABC, FIX it. Too difficult to deal with big things like that, just criticise it and try to destroy it. They have been in charge long enough to try to reform education, health and welfare.. Pensioners , sick people and kids must be easier to "deal " with. Howard bought it and 2 lots since bought all the water , all for SA votes. (Don't kid me any of them were thinking of Statesmanship ) So show us you're just not a big mouth, Johnson. FIX it.

oerhaps Rudd`s "cash for clunkers" programme should have included the Collins Class as well !

I agree with shiraz4me Johnson made a mistake he told the truth, Politicians don't like to hear the truth!

Paul you have a wonderful gift. This is a cracker.

The biggest problem in Australia is the pro Labor media. Saw that wanker Gilbert on Sky this morning interviewing the other big wanker Tony Burke on the rumour the co payment is going to be scraped. It is not any resemblance of professional journalism just a load of absolute sh...

these subs were so good, they spend all their time on slips in care and maintenance, they are characterised by dodgy welding, and there were no export orders because no one wanted to buy them.

UTW its tiring to see your incorrect complaint about Labor spelling. English spelling isn't a law, its a convention and as such changes constantly. Also Collins class project run from the late 1970s to last off the slipway in 2003 plenty of do nothing Liberals involved as well. The ALA will have many feedup voters giving it the biggest first time vote ever.

LOL. Trouble is, Johnson was right.

Should have been a barbed wire canoe

Rudd/Gillard/Rudd's ALP government authorized the cost over runs .

the collins subs cost us about $1.0 billion every year just to keep 1 or 2 of them at sea at any one time... ever since Beazley started the rot with the Swedes and established ASC they have been a drain on treasury. The sooner we distance ourselves from the money sponge ASC, the better. We should have purchased off the shelf and proven Arleigh Bourke destroyers from the US instead of again trying to bring European hulls, with US weapons systems and Australian software together to build the AWD. This will be another money sponge with hundreds of millions more spent than what is necessary...

Why shouldn't the minister stick it up contractors that see Defence as one big meal ticket? Funy how original quotes blow out to buggary for little or no return!

Yep. It's another form of funding terrorists.

the Collins project is simply a subterfuge to divert Australian taxpayer's money to union hacks