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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Larry have you zipped him up or are eyes decieving me!

ON YOUR ABC RIGHT NOW. HOMOSEXUAL BALLROOM DANCING.......Today, when Hollywood’s cultural Marxists want to “normalize” something like homosexuality (thus “liberating” us from “repression”), they put on television show after television show where the only normal-seeming white male is a homosexual. That is how psychological conditioning works; people absorb the lessons the cultural Marxists want them to learn without even knowing they are being taught.

This would be a good time for Tony Abbott to consider why he wanted to be PM .

For too long the ABC has been biting the hand that feeds them

You would think that somewhere in Australia as little Willie mounts his soap box to have his next in depth rant that there would be one reporter to ask "where is the money coming from" but alas reporters in Australia (except for a few) are not up to even capable of the most basic aspects of their job. Must be all the university education that has them stumped..

My view too , bruce .

What has been wrong with Pyne and Dutton ? Corman has been good too !

You only had to view the Q & A with the Muslims (all dressed up in Halloween costumes & full of vitriol about the recent police raids) & George Brandis to witness their hatred for other Australians.

Telling me that Islam is a religion of peace really got to me. What an insult to my intelligence. PIG'S ARSE IT'S NOT. I'm not that dumb to believe that.

Did you all hear Malcolm Turnbull rip into Billy Dick Shorten in QT? Classic...describing how Billy Dick swells up ( mentioned the man boobs obliquely) and then deflates into his jacket that is always too big for him. Has his missus tried the kiddies section for a good fit?

I too saw Billy Dicks comment on "our ' ABC. What a silly billy, he told the truth (just this once) that the ABC is part of the Labor Party!

The Wollongong girl who managed to escape from a black BMW is now thought to be the subject of a kidnap attempt (previously thought to be hit and run accident). She managed to put a FaceBook posting up saying that "some Asian guy just stopped me telling me to come home with him because it's safe and I need help wtf sos".

Police now believe she was dragged into the car just after posting this.

This should be on the Biggest Billboards right round Australia.

Hit the nail on the head again, Larry.

Watching Short Willie in rant mode is a combination of frightening and pathetic. I find myself saying "Oh my God, this man could become Prime Minister." That's the frightening bit.

Physical features aside, Hobbit Bill is testimony to the lack of cognition of the Left.

Spend, spend, spend must have copped some Swan vaccination up the freckle, same disease!

Shortarse Statement. "All Abusers of women and young girls will be subject to the full force of the Law. Except when they are members of the ALP/Unions". Because it is in our ALP/Union DNA to abuse women and young girls. "It is Our God given Right to abuse Women and Young Girls, as often as the Urge takes us". Even young boys when required by the likes of.................list on names too long for this comment.

Nothing but scum!

This country of ours is being,' taken advantage of', by so many " opportunists '"! e.g. ABC ,unemployable Muslims,unqualified Politicians ,halal scam ,global warming scam ,---- i'm sure there are many more.So who will stand up and do something about it ? Before the opportunists dictate Government !