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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I agree Hermes, totally. What a bunch of c***suckers they are, and the highest paid, Tony Jones is the worst of them. He wouldn't understand what 'impartial' or 'bias' mean.

Privatize the A(LP)BC before it's too late. Subsidize the running, but NOT to the tune of over $1 BILLION, put in place an independent board, possibly appointed 50/50 by each of the major parties with the PM or minister having a casting vote, that will act if they show any bias. By acting I mean they forfeit any investment made, and it's handed to another party to run. Scott is the most insipid individual I think I have ever seen.

Heard Scott on the radio yesterday. If ever there was a man training to be a politician it was him. Couldn't vie a straight answer to a question, probably can't lie straight in bed either.

Suggestion to ABC Board: sack the useless bunch of overpaid twits who front the programs mentioned, in particular, "Garage Sales", and Tony Jones.

Scott's an insipid-looking creep; jawless and gutless, Spigelman's got a head on him like a diseased pawpaw. Time they both went.

It is clear that ABC Board and Management ,Palmer , Lambie , SHY etc. etc.have been foisted on us by manipulating the intent of the rules.Are we going to continue " bleating " or will someone please do something about it ?

yep!! Well said Larry......I have never bees so disgusted with the ABC.
The bias is so blatant and in your face it is beyond a joke...even Kerry O'Brien must cringe .
Its not just the ABC, the whole "left/ green / commo" side of Australian politics is so in your needs shoving back in its box and the lid nailed back on..

For heavens sake! Just sell off the ABC and get rid of these overpaid useless morons.

But all please take note none of the overpaid executives or favoured Leftist Staff will be made redundant and most importantly none of them will come forward and offer to take a pay cut to save their comrades in arms! Watch how self centred they can be!!!

Heaps! Probably pay off the debt in a few years! They should get rid of them!

I like yours more than my - Asinine Bunch of C**nts - yours sums them up better and has a 'ring' to it.

Does Scott REALLY need to sack 400 or has he decided to get rid of this number to try and damage Abbott? Whatever, it sounds like good news to me . . . get rid of the leftist bastards.

The ABC could save heaps of cash with just two cuts - sack both Scott and Q&A's Mrs Jones' boy (how I hate that show!)

Clapping with 2 left hands. Says it all really !! 1000 pro ABC protesters 21,000,000 non protesters

Article today in both SMH and The Age by Louise Evans: The ABC has flab to be cut. She says that RN staff work 10-3, with lots of perks. It's very typical of large organisations where people aren't accountable for their time. Mark Scott is responsible - he's the managing director and should be held to account.

Ever looked at what SBS offers these days? Shit News from all over the world, endlessly. We used to be able to record half a dozen SBS programmes a week. Now there's nothing. How come the Terrorist TV Station Aljazzara gets an airing in Australia? Yes on the ABC too. WHY? Communist Chinese News in English? FCS! Even the local Community TV runs hours of Communist shit every day. Russian News in English, we don't need it. SBS could be shut down today and only the Leftie Extremists would miss it.

The ABC can certainly round up the Cretins and Riff Raff of Australia at the drop of turd. Scanning the faces and the placards told the sane amongst us all we needed to know. The ABC is in the hands of Traitors to Australia. Turnarse should have lopped 30% off their budget this year alone. Forced a massive reduction in salaries instantly. Chief Cretin Scott should be on 50 grand a year with a Bus Pass. And he's not even worth that. As Bolt is always saying The ABC is out of Control.

Not one of the people at the weekend ABC protests voted for Abbott, yet they all seemed to think they could tell him what to do. Sucked in lefties. :-)

Now that Mr Scott is using blackmail of saying this 5% trim over 5 years will cost 400 peoples jobs so they can shift blame onto Abbott ( no bias eh?) ...unbelievable BS...
I call your sackings bluff and say go right ahead, sack 400 people. If they weren't worth keeping , to me that's dead wood we don't need to pay to keep in the ABC sheltered workshop's just an indulgent socialist experiment.
Sack them and we won't have to put up with all the shows pushing Labor unionist agendas.

Apparently the ABC only has a 40% "viewership" (is there a word?) Lets face it, its only that, there must be an awful lot who are there just checking the crap that's being broadcast. There should be a show of hands for a week whereby ONLY those who approve of it turn on. Can you imagine what the cost per head would turn out to be?