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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



- - -"Based on the principles of Dutch MP Geert Wilders, a successful result for the new Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) has the potential to legitimise extremism and normalise far-right rhetoric in Australia's political discourse." - - - How could anyone honestly suggest voting ALA. . .

Tony Rabbitt now knows what is like to be Obama's lap dog going on his experience conducting a press conference with Obama in China .

Unfortunately for the Coalition, if the ALA develops a strong following over the next two years and that seems highly likely, the vote will be split between the ALP/Greens, the Coalition and the ALA who will pick up the dissatisfied voters from the Coalition. This event will give the ALP a clear victory and we will be back to square one! If the Coalition wishes to prevent this they need to stop the lies, stop the broken promises, stop the ridiculous new and old spending, get us out of Afghanistan and stay the hell out of Iraq! Abbott's Muslim Civil Wars can only drag us down the tube! His most recent fauxpas of kicking the ADF in the head and pushing them into Iraq can only end in tears for him! To hell with the US and Britain, we should pay our ADF at least an amount equal to inflation!

Hermes have you heard the idioms, "you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse" or " a leopard can't change it's spots?" I think of out PM when they come to mind. In your dreams things will change over the next two years and we will all vote for TA and life will be good. In my nightmares things go on as they are and we get the thugs back. I suggest to followers like you, you organises for TA to get rewired to tell the truth, go back to his pre election promises and fix the damage he has done by reneging on them take some speaking and elocution lessons so he does not talk like a drongo and walk like an ape and let's see how we go

ALA sounds good to me. michha, you voting left?

One of the best comments I've seen posted yet regarding the "Un-Australians" babbling about the pay rate increases being similar to the US and British services.
JonC 18 minutes ago
I see it all now, Abbott and company who get twice the US and Brit rate of pay for their services should take a pay cut to be equal to other countries,
People like DJT need to sit up and take notice that what's good for the goose is good for the gander! If it wants us to remain subservient to our US/British Masters, then Team Stupid should adjust their own rates to those of our bosses! Abbott is about to send a bunch of those underpaid "Abbott Palace Guard" into Iraq because his Daddy says so!

Too far on the horizon Oz. Abbott can do a lot of good or a lot of damage between now and then. As we speak, Stupid is cuddled up to Obama who is crying for Abbott to send more troops into Iraq (Abbott's private poorly paid Army?) which of course would be just one more broken promise or lie!

Haven't decided michha, it will depend on whether this Team Idiot is still running the show. If Morrison or Bishop take over the leadership they will get my 100% support. If not - the ALA might be worth looking at.

Very good analogy JonC. You won't get any response from DJT on such a common-sense comment.

@ Jo Blow - last time I looked it was a large gap between the two main parties with the ALP well in front. But, as Gillarse once said, polls come and go and it is the votes on voting day that count. You still voting LNP like last time?

Nah. If poor old Napthine gets thrown out because of Abbott and his minions they will find a way to blame the Unions/ALP/MSM/ABC/LAPD/FBI and CIA Interference and they might be partly right but we all know the ALP/Greens cannot win an election, only the Liberal Coalition can lose it! DJT should keep Lifeline's number handy in case he has dark thoughts! I hope Dennis does alright, he is a much better man than what we have Federally!

Abbott is a lapdog for Obama and Cameron so therefore by definition DJT must be one too! He believes we should remain subservient to the US/British Governments and not do anything outrageous unless they OK it first! Our ADF pay rates are set in stone by the US/British alliance according to DJT!

Hahahaha! You might be right Oz! He will be suggesting you see a psychiatrist next!

DJT - If you pulled your nose out of Abbott's arse-crack for 5 minutes and smelled the roses you would realise that we are an Independent Democratic Country and actually have the right to vote our leaders in or out and if any particular politician decides to look down his nose at us, we can dump him! Count the votes lost over all the issues in the last 12 months and you will know why the polls are showing the only a small gap between the two main parties.

DJT : When you look at those US and GB wages are you taking their currency conversions into Aust into context ?

Hey if the ADF members and their families tell Abbott to fcuk off at the next election, who are we to question their loyalties? What has the years 2007 to 2013 got to do with it? The loss of the next election or the one coming up in Victoria will not the ALP's fault will it? We can't blame Gillard/Rudd can we? It's 2014!

Wiki says:"Although the ADF's 58,235 full-time active-duty personnel, 22,072 active reserves and 22,166 standby reserves..." Oh well, the Coalition can handle losing a few votes at the next election. Can't they?

Thank God the army took Lame-brains's rifle away from her before she departed. . .

The labour mob have been seen maintaining their rage even when their Labor mob have taken office and treated them no different .

The abo's are protesting today over what they say is too many of them in jail. We invaders of their land should protest over them breaking the law.