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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Great expression in a few lines!

LP: What about someone having a rummage around for the Senator's 'package? She's a bit of a favourite of mine, or at least her political stand is, as Posters will know by now so keep it clean, wholesome, witty, not too personal and anything to do with scrub turkeys is not allowed. Yes, that narrows the field a bit but I sure you will err, .......come up with a surprise or two. And look, I wonder what State secrets she has stashed away in that matching yellow handbag. And don't forget, she is trying her best and she's a girl after all.

It appears that Clive has Tony by the short and curlies but it is difficult to imagine what Jacqui us up to.

OT = - - - Some first-hand reports that Donetsk, the Russian-backed militia’s unofficial capital in east Ukraine, has descended into chaos. Sources inside the embattled city have told News Corp Australia the city, without electricity or gas, was rife with indiscriminate violence including rapes and murders. . .
Putin will be pleased with the situation he has manufactured.

Who is squeezing Lamb-brains balls

Heard on the news , this morning , that Shortrapist has had a ' knee jerk ' reaction and now backs Lambie ! Reminds me of that prick , Rudd and his knee jerk reactions ! Like moving Garden Island to Moreton Bay. Labor and Plonkers go together !

TA should consider a DD or just give up .What's the point of continuing whilst the likes of Palmer and Lambie call the economic tune ?

Yeah oz, the voters have certainly got what they voted for . And the silly buggers still prefer Shortrapist as leader ! Sheets the bits out of me !

Top stuff,Larry, you've still got it.

If Tony is practicing 'shirtfronting' he will have to do better than that with Putin.

Jacquie is looking for a severance package.

More likely she will get dumped....on.

Unbelievable good Larry. Anyone with piles would be wince at this cartoon and I suspect Palmer has a few

And the Supplementary number is ........

seems Lame-brain isn't the only one who likes a man with a package between his legs. . .

Wonder who wipes Clive's out of reach bottom? There's a quiz...

Looks more like Clive is trying to rip out a fart