The Pickering Post
Friday, 19th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Global warming, carbon tax, ......etc - it's in their DNA!

Great speeches *uck all action. Where have we seen that before!.

59096, We're on the same page, and I've been saying similar for years. You don't get a vote down at the golf club if you're not a financial member, so why the hell should you get a vote if you're not a financial member of society and contributing via tax? Of course that's the simplistic example, and stay at home parents with the other half working would be entitled, etc., but not career bludgers, blow ins who demonstrate for an islamic state in our streets. What a f****** insult that is. Labor and the greens ceasing to exist could be nothing but good for the country.

That's one f####d duck.


O'Bama doesn't care.....

Well put, and we have way too many leaners in this country. I read somewhere recently that 80% of muslims in Australia are bludging on the social security system, and 84% are still on benefits of one form or another 5 years after arrival. I left school at 14 and have never drawn a cent from the government, now a self funded retiree, and I find those stats grossly offensive.

In the same way Gough introduced Medibank a total F*ckup that Fraser had to try and fix (Medibank Mark II 1976) and Hawke (Medicare 1984) and yet the history re-writers give homage to Gough the idiot as Obummer is!

The Race War over in the USA is what is bringing it down.

Artiste !!


What idiot said about Communism "It was a glorious experiment that failed". Krudd/Witch was a miserable experiment, resulting in an unbelievable and incredibly costly failure. The Obuma Clown and the US, Ditto!

As someone else said we had Krudd and The Red Witch. Remember they only get elected when slightly more than half the population votes for them. Yet to meet a Yank that admits to voting for him.

The Yanks do things in a credible way . We however , put mugs like Palmer and Lambie in place to ensure that every government is a stuff up . John Howard's second term was an exception.

Do I understand that the Punters in Victoria , are now about to give themselves another " change we had to have " !! To me , they are either brain dead or heavily populated with unemployable Muslims ,Greenies ,drongos or perhaps the Union has still a persuasive influence ?

Hey Ducktracy, what are you doing in the caetoon?

Socialism is sensationally successful; that is, until you have spent all the other people's money.

Very clever, Paul. Americans have woken up again to the fact that socialism doesn't work. Trouble is their voting mistakes leave the conservatives with the clean-up job. Just like here! Take heed, Australia and don't get conned into believing them EVER.

A dead duck president with a Daffy Duck body. Sheer brilliance. Thankyou Zanetti.

Absolutely brilliant Paul. I just marvel at your ability to see life the way you do