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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



I think the coalition has no one contending. Tony Abbott's job is safe as houses. The Fairfax press and their friends in the ABC just try their hardest to talk up some kind of contention and hope someone is stupid enough to put up their hand. Liberal voters don't want a bar of the conversation because they are more intent on the right legislation to pass through parliament, whereas the lefties are so utterly fixated on Abbott because he chopped the compulsory student union levy back in the day when he was president of the Student Union. Just goes to show what a bunch of tossers the left are.

IF Julie was our PM at least Putin or any other International supposed leader could not 'Shirt Front her'!!

Julie is certainly doing a good job. One of our better very practical and straight lady pollies.My guess is she does NOT aspire to the PM position right NOW. IN our war torn world; Aus needs a VERY STRONG PM for all seasons and all National and International affairs. TA is only just getting his feet. Julie is about 5 years of being 'An Iron Lady' type polllie.

Brandis did a superb job on Q & A last Monday. He knows his stuff and would not cow tow to all the whinging Musos and lefties set up in the audience by that other Traitor Tony 'what's his f.......g name'. He is a mongrel cur .IF ever we have a Left and Right man to man war here, I would hide if I was him!

Contd........Now the mongrel bred lefties will set up the age old argument between the Coalition team as to who will replace T A?? As if he is a goner ...already!! They keep playing the Turnbull card. F....g traitorous b,......!

The Stupid Left Wing Media and hatefull people like Syrvet an dOaks are a pain in the ass. Here we go again e=with the divide and conquer play.F.........g boring!!

he nearly did with borrow oversea money ,bit grubby that but John Kerr caught him out

And would labor even have 5 contenders?

Great cartoon and insights!! Actually I'd like Julie Bishop as the PM, even though Tony Abbott is my local federal member. The worst cartoonist I've ever seen is the one from the Australian Financial Review. Ugly cartoons, ugly person.

Paul I just love your drawing of Christopher Pyne - Bloody brilliant.

I like Christopher Pyne, but our leader should be Tony Abbott. He must be doing something right for the left to hate him so much.

He did but the Unions said No, wait awhile, but it was too late anyway for GW.

Tony was strong over MH270. Tony was strong over MH11. So Tony, be strong for Australia now. Hammer the Islamics, empty the country of Illegals. Tony, make yourself read Pickering every morning before you even have breakfast.

Maladjusted Turncoat ? No thanks. One Labor leaning PM in the guise of Malcontent Fraser was enough. Seven wasted years from him.

What have we done to deserve this these?

Malcolm Turnbull is the overwhelming favourite with Fairfax readers. Who would've thought . . .

O ye of little faith.......Tony is the right man for the job and turning round the budget debt created by the previous misfits of varying degrees, the Laba party, isn't going to be easy and will not make him all that popular especially among the ungrateful, unwashed, bludgers of our society, and there are many. It is hard to stop a train going downhill at a reckless pace heading for a rocky precipice with no brakes, which is where we were heading for prior to the last election. There is no gain without pain.

We still have almost two years to go. He is the PM and everyone is getting used to it and I think he's great. For the sake of the argument though, I will pick Scott Morrison. No one can walk all over him and he can chew up idiots and spit them out. You can't recycle Malcolm Turnbull. Julie Bishop is great but we're not ready for another woman PM. The rest are all good at their jobs but the PM has to stand out as a strong leader.

If the left and the media have done their very best to bury Abbott over the last six or seven years. Now, if they can't bury him they will try to start the rumour that he is about to be buried. Lets face it, they don't stand a snowball's chance in hell at the next election unless they can dispose of him.

Very true PZ, I like it