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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Hear, hear!! eaglem, and DJT.

When it comes to Serena Williams and Bill Curley, who would be doing what to who? I think Bill might be getting a DVDA.

I may be wrong, but I think every aboriginal who has found himself in parliament, certainly those in the NT, has found themselves on the wrong side of the law, misappropriation, selling government property, etc. There seems to be a major honesty issue there.

Gillard…..She is out there alright…signing copies of her book for those silly enough to buy it….The barefaced nerve of her astound me. No wonder she "picked" Peris….the two of them think alike… both are so crooked that they can't lie straight in bed….

But mr. bruce - that foul mouthed, useless ex unelected PM is still out there after all the shit everyone knows about her - beats me why she isn't in goal - and yes S & G have their conveyancing ads absolutely everywhere - wonder what type of client they are trying to attract???

aap is proving the old adage that Empty Vessels make the most noise!

I see his Green bra has turned YELLOW..

He has a permanent erection because his dick is too short to hang down.

Peris misreads so badly the real issues most people don't care about her affair it is the racist comments she made in her emails and the possible mis-use of tax payers funds.

Interesting to see he was one of the only two people in the Chamber this morning when Abbott was delivering his speech on infrastructure clearly Labor MP's are not the slightest bit interested in developments and jobs in their local areas. Probably out there still frothing at the mouth over the excise change - they have not been able to work out that we need new roads and they will be provided from the excise. The saddest part is how dumb so many Australians are the endless whinge they carry on with they want it all as long as someone else pays.

Just watch his conduct in Parliament QT. Sniggling, giggling, laughing, disrespect to the Speaker. He can't stand to hear facts about his party's debt laden previous time in Government & the $25000.00 now owed by every Australian he laughs at it. Watch the Member for Griffiths face during QT (that's when she hasn't been kicked out for cat calling) She sends a chill up my spine just the look of her.

Bill Shorten when on his way-up the greasy pole of internal union and labor politics certainly wasn't known as "Short Willy". Fellow party and union colleagues will attest to the fact that he was known as "Bill the Rooter" and “Sir Fuckalot” as he didn't miss any filly that passed his way. So after cutting a swathe through the young-labor undergraduate girlies he than went up-market with Roxon among many, and then moved on to a high-ranking Liberal party officials daughter who, when he arrived in Canberra as the new parliamentary member was given the arse when he sprung the GG daughter. Bill was forever the eternal opportunist who used the only asset he had going for him.

Can't see Shortarse's mini prick being an Youtube Internet Sensation, can any of you?

Exactly how the miserable little shit comes across on TV.

The Red Witch did get away with everything. She's not in Jail yet, is she?

You wouldn't expect anyone being appointed by Gillard to be normal and straightforward. Seems they have to have lots of baggage for her to have considered them at all and thus be typical, stench loaded Labor politicians.

Ah, senator Perez - another typical example of Gillard's fine judgement.

Yes Codsy,fucking Liers Pardy should be paying not ME the Tax payer

Nova Perris ! a true blue Laborite !

He ain't called ' Short Willy ', for nothin'.!