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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



You blokes all sound like you're in a school yard, a Primary School yard. Hey Tom. Which one's you in the photo? Mav: You've obviously never eaten a scrub turkey. Matt: Let us know when you're a Senator.

How on earth did a bogan like her get into politics and make us all ashamed.

OT Larry - trying to buy the Love or Leave it TShirt - I get to pay by paypal and it says your shopping cart is empty - won't go thru - can you do something, thanks, yvonne

You got the turkey bit right.

@Trumby - making fun of names from other country's is very racist.

Trumby: If it was only that simple.

The way this is going the only way we are going to send the "undesirables elsewhere" are in body bags.

Spot on Spitfire I reckon the money could be better spent sending the 50 thousand undesirables elsewhere and supply their houses to our homeless . Michha reads like a name for a cat .

Spitfire13 - yes, I was a bit rough. I apologise.

Michha blog away goose, like you are going achieve anything. Just a big mouth.

`Spitfire13 - you wrote "commits our defence forces to a fight a world away involving muslims who don't give a sh-t about us." = Famous last words from a nobody. You also wrote " Lambie rocks for all her naivety she is really out there." = Infamous last words from a 100% fuckmuppet.

BTW Lambie rocks for all her naivety she is really out there.

Trumby I concur M8. Massive deficit and he (TA) commits our defence forces to a fight a world away involving muslims who don't give a sh-t about us. Hunter, Trumby is questioning the millions of dollars involved in fighting IS. It could be better spent here for Aussies. Abbott has lost me big time, tough guy against russia/putin. Fights muslims o/seas when the fight is here on our own shores against the muslims already living here. Weak as piss against the ABC/SBS labor greens independents but gonna shirtfront Putin. I hope Putin calls him on it and lets see who the real tough guy is.

Perfect description:

We all know Putin is one of the world’s greatest wankers, and yet compared to Lambrain he does have a certain charm

Bit of daja vue here. I remember the shit the MSM and our elected politicians put on Pauline Hanson.

How dare do the ordinary Australian "mugs voters" think outside the accepted "order".

More Jackie Lambies please.

@ Hunter - I am with you, mate.

Trumby: Don't you know we are in dire straits.

Hundreds of thousands of real Australians living on the streets while blow in boat people are given first preference via UN bullshit to our public housing.

michaha: Please speak in English.

Just reading the posts from all the brave bigmouths below. Well, the Lambie woman is the only politician, the ONLY politician, who has the guts to stand up and tell the sharia shitheads to, "get out."

Yep, her snatch is exactly that.

She wears the scarf to hide the scar. Her brohubby would be proud.