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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Bandt has to be the biggest clown to enter politics in Australia, and he's in there with some distinguished company competing for the title!!

According to the post on ebay the T shirt is made and printed in Sydney, Not China, that's got to be a first.

Great cartoon. Adam Brandt and his extreme left loony fellow travellers are fucking this country up- big time.

If someone wears a T Shirt with "Fuck Julia" half of the town gents would wear T Shirt with "I did" printed on it with some dykes in tow wearing the same T Shirt.


Will Larry do a T Shirt with this on it please? Or where can I buy one of the offensive shirts? I'm with 100% Aussie we are prisoners in our own country!! or I want a F&%K ADAM BANDT T Shirt!

Put your gloves on first peterwagyu. Not rubber cause he may get excited.

i think it's time for some anti-green t/shirts

Andrew Bolt has featured this cartoon on his website. I WANT A T-SHIRT WITH THIS ON. Would the shirt police censor it?????

Bandt is offended at everything " Team Australia". The Greens are an Anti Australian party.

Has Julia Gillard changed her hairstyle?

Has Julia Gillard changed her hairstyle?

F**K TONY ABBOTT is acceptable but F**K Julia Gillard, ''ditch the witch'' is not acceptable ? WTF ?

If a Man Doesn’t Want to be a Father, He’s a Deadbeat; A Woman is Just Pro-Choice.

Bandt really is one of those people that I would like to tip upside down into the sewer

We could add 4 more words to the tee shirt on the left , "that includes you Woolies"

Is that one in the Abbott T shirt a bloke, or one of Tim Blair's Frightbats?

Not the illegal McTiernan?

Best cartoon ever Paul

There's a POLL at the daily telegraph is it racist - No is about 90% I think it's one of the best Aussie souveniers I have ever seen, I'd love one.