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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Brilliant, there are many like him who speak the truth, I can't fault anything he says, thanks for the link

Did that bird escape from our PM's swimmers? Or is it Garry Galah

Larry, why don't you make printed shirt that says "Australia, love it or leave it"? it would be a hit and you can ask your readers for other cute slogans.

These people can rant and rave at their meetings and threaten to take over Australia and nothing is done, but an Australian ranting and raving is subject to penalties of racism. Why aren't the muslims penalised? Why are there RC's about child molestations by the Christian churches only with the witch hunts that go along with that .... what about the Muzzos and their paedophilia? How can they not be involved in an RC? What are our people doing? Why kowtow. They threatened Australians with death if we took part in attacking ISIL; why cant we just run them out of this country for threatening our lives?

Yesterday a Royal Australian Navy destroyer stopped four Muslims in a row boat, rowing towards Sydney Harbour.

The captain, on the ships loud-hailer, interrogated them by demanding "Ahoy, small craft, where are you heading ?".One of the Muslims stood up in the boat and shouted defiantly "We are invading Australia!". The crew of the destroyer immediately all start laughing. When the very amused Captain finally stopped chuckling, he asked "Just the four of you ?".The Muslim stood up again and shouted; "We're the last four. The rest are already there!"

We should stop hating these people. What we should do is to take them on excursion trips to see our beautiful country and that way they will certainly appreciate NOT trying to ruin it. We should show them the top end in all it's natural beauty. We should encourage them to wear their burqas and to get them to go for swims in the rivers and creeks there. Now isn't that nice of us to show some consideration? I feel that EVERY one of them should make the trip spread over time. You don't want indigestion for our crocs.

We real Aussies, are just getting angrier, Larry. Can no longer even bear to look at one of them in the street, or on TV (especially those loud-mouthed, demanding women) and no way in the world will I ever buy any product that's halal.

Show leadership now Mr Abbott, start cutting off their umbilical cord by banning the halal brand/tax and their rorting of our social welfare system ! Starving them might reduce their birth rate too !

truth is all muslims despise all who don't follow the Islamic way, and further they even hate each other who are not members of one faction or another, and us westerners are first on their extermination list.

The PM should stop taking us for fools and stop trying to brainwash us into thinking that islam has nothing to do with ISIS/L of course it does, it's certainly not Christian! Also he should stop brainwashing us that muslims are peace-loving when they would chop off your head as soon as look at you. Was the PM bullied as a child due to his big ears and stutter I wonder? It would explain him giving into them so quickly as he must have had to do as a child to save his skin. He capitulated rather too quickly on the repeal of 18C and banning the burqa for my liking as well.

When is the Liberal party going to act? Graeme Crawford puts is correctly. Nothing will deter these parasites if the Govt won't act. god help us!

It has everything to do with Islam always had since they cannot agree on the interpretation of the Quran.....and they are so fanatical that they are never going to accept a modern and moderate translation of the its never going to end.....You can belt Isil into the ground but its going to sprout as another weed somewhere long as these knuckleheads believe that the great prophet is worth dying for and cannot agree on the translations of the Quran, they are going to keep up with the violence....

We can,t send the majority of them back. Where would we send them? Just think of the logistics for a moment of all those children. We have a tiger by the tail and for the younger readers, that means if you keep holding on you,ll die, and if you let go you,ll die.

Thank you for putting it to very clearly Graeme - well said!

We only get "moderates" in this country Larry. Don't you listen to the PC line? And the Islamic "leaders"? These terrorists are all our Governments fault, and of course, the US. Don't forget them. This Governments attitude and explanation is merely a "stall of proceedings", till they serve their time and leave the problems for the next generation to contend with. Piss weak... No balls... Say goodnight Dick.

Islamic State - Islam - How could they possibly be related? Islamic Community - Islam - How could they possibly be related?

Send straight to PM's Office please Larry. thank you.